Today's Top Hindi / English SMS Messages

Sweet Friendship Messages


I’m sory to be smiling every time you are near.
I’m sory my eyes twinkle whenever u are here.
I’m sory that cupid haz made his hit.
I’m sory i luv u
I cant help it.


Friendship Text Quotes

Heart is like a crystal preserve it.
Love is like perfume spread it.
Feelings are like flood flow it.
Friendship is like an umbrella
Come lets share it.

Love Poems In Hindi

Chahe To Hame Dil Se Mita Dena
Chahe To Hame Dil Se Bhula Dena
Magar Aye Jo Kabhi Mere Yad Aye Jaan…
Rona Mat Sirf Muskura Dena.

Love Shayari In Hindi

Wo jate jate Keh gaye ki
Hum sirf khawabon men aayenge
Hum ne kaha wada to karlo
Hum Zindagi bhar ke liye sojayenge.

Diwali Aai Khushiyan Lai Shayari

Diwali Aai Khushiyan Lai.
Bachcha Bola Fatakha Jalayenge.
Ladaka Bola Nye Kapde Kharidenge.
Ladki Boli Rangoli Sajayenge Aangan Me.
Baap Bola Ghar Sajayenge
Mammy Boli Mithai Banayenge.
Is Ghar K Pyari Khushiyo K Sath
Happy Dipawali & Safty Diwali….

’ SMS Message">Happy Diwali 201 SMS Message

May The Glow Of The Diyas
Light Ur Path Towards Progress And Continued
Sucess Happy Diwali

Boy Vs Girl Jokes

Boy: Let’s watch a movie

Girl: Ok.. What movie?

Boy: A horror movie the grudge

Girl: Ummmm…. ok

*After Movie*

Girl: I noticed… you were watching me most of the time


Boy: *laughs* I watched the movie yesterday

Girl: what……
Boy: I just wanted to hug you and protect you. :)

Happy Dussehra 2013

As the candlelight flame
Your life may always be happy
As the mountain high
You move without shy
As sunshine creates morning glory
fragrance fills years as Flory
All darkness is far away
As light is on its way.
Wishing You all a very
Happy Dussehra.

Onam Sms Malayalam

Have A Joyous And Fun Filled Onam
Wishing You Best Greetings
And Wishes On This Onam.

Happy Onam Festival Quotes

May This ONAM Bring In U
The Brightest And Choicest
Happiness And Love
You Have Ever Wished For!

Happy Onam!

Onam SMS Messages In Malayalam

If I Was An Artist
You Would Be My Picture!

If I Was A Poet
You Would Be My Inspiration!

If I Was An Author You Would Be My Story!
But I’ M Only A Cartoonist!

Keep Laughing!
Enjoy Onam!

Short Teachers Day English SMS

Dear Teacher
Thanks For Making Us What We Are Today.
Happy Teachers Day

’ In English">Teachers Day Poems 201 In English

For Teaching Children Lessons
To Help Them As They Grow
Let This Gift Remind You
You’re The Best Teacher We Know!

Tagalog Quotes For Teachers Day

Teacher Is A Person
Who Always Helps Everybody
To Get The Knowledge
Always Stands Beside The Students
When They Have Problems.
Thanks For Being My Teacher.
Happy Teachers Day

Thank You Quotes For Teachers From Students

Agr Apna Character Acha Karna Hai
To Apni Her Teacher Ko Maa Samjho

Par Miss Is Se To Hamare
Abbu Ka Character Kharab Ho Jay Ga

Teacher Day Jokes In Hindi

Translate Into English “yad-e-mazi Azab Hy Ya Rab
Chhen Le Mujse Hafiza Mera”

My Mind Is Full Of Data Base
O God! Plz Make Me A Mental Case.

Tagalog Quotes For Friendship

~Tagalog quotes for friendship~

But it all comes down to friendship treating people right.

~Tagalog quotes for friendship~

If a man does not make new acquaintances as he advances through life he will soon find himself left alone. A man sir should keep his friendship in a constant repair.

~Tagalog quotes for friendship~

Friendship like the immortality of the soul is too good to be believed.

~Tagalog quotes for friendship~

How can sincerity be a condition of friendship? A taste for truth at any cost is a passion which spares nothing.

~Tagalog quotes for friendship~

I love life in spite of all that mars it. I love friendship jokes and laughter.

~Tagalog quotes for friendship~

Friendship is the marriage of the soul and this marriage is liable to divorce.

~Tagalog quotes for friendship~

Love is the attempt to form a friendship inspired by beauty.

~Tagalog quotes for friendship~

As told in Friendship with God if we simply decided to believe and act as if first were all one and second life is eternal it would render virtually everything weve done all our lives pointless.

~Tagalog quotes for friendship~

Friendship like credit is highest when it is not used.

~Tagalog quotes for friendship~

When the world is so complicated the simple gift of friendship is within all of our hands.

Touching Friendship Quotes

I live for the nights that I can’t remember with the people that I won’t forget.

~Touching friendship quotes~

Lifes too short to argue about the tiniest of things so build a bridge and get over it 2 discover the best of memories from your friends! :

~Touching friendship quotes~

A friend tries to stay but an object fades away.

~Touching friendship quotes~

Many people walk in and out of our lives but only true friends leave footprints in our hearts. :)

~Touching friendship quotes~

Friends are like umbrellas no matter what the weather rain or shine they will always be by your side.

~Touching friendship quotes~

You will know who is your true friend when your having drama with other people and he or she is standing right next to you…not leaving you behind when things get ugly!

~Touching friendship quotes~

A good friend will visit you in hospital and say” get well soon” and goes. But a true friend sits near you and says “the nurse is hot you take your time to get well

~Touching friendship quotes~

Friends are the ones that laugh with you not at you.

~Touching friendship quotes~

A real friend is always there for you but a fake friend is there when they want something from you.

~Touching friendship quotes~

A true friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you’re fooling everyone else.

Sachii Dosti Quotes

Baap Betey Se:
Raat Kahan They

Der Ho Geyi Thi Tu Dost Ke Ghar Ruk Geya Tha

Baap Ne Ossi Waqt Betey Ke
Dus Best Friends Ko Phone Milaya

Aath Ne Kaha Ke
Uncle Woh Raat Mere Pass Tha

Or Do Ne Kaha Ke
Uncle Woh So Raha Hai Kahein Tu Otha Doon

Dosti SMS Shayari In Hindi For Girlfriend

Yaadon Ki Talkhiaan Na Kabhi Bhool Paye Hain
Mana Ke Teer Haye Sitam Hum Ne Khaye Hain
Zulm O Sitam Masaeeb E Doraan Ke Bawajod
Hum Ne To Dosti Ke Taqaze Nibhaye Hain

Friendship Poems 2013

Love on roses sweetly sleeps
But when storms their peril pour
Hail to Friendship she who keeps
Vigil at the prison door !

Love the tyrant makes to flow
Tears which when he will he dries ;
On the chain fresh weight will throw
To share the burden Friendship tries.

Love on roses sweetly sleeps
But when storms their peril pour
Hail to Friendship she who keeps
Vigil at the prison door !

When late amid our hundred gaols
My muse had found the patriot’s fate
Scarce was she barred within the rails
Friendship came rapping at the gate.

Love on roses sweetly sleeps
But when storms their peril pour
Hail to Friendship she who keeps
Vigil at the prison door !

Thrice happy who when freed from chains
And hate and pity’s helpless sigh
Forgotten ; thinks how ‘mid his pains
Friendship stood undaunted by.

Love on roses sweetly sleeps
But when storms their peril pour
Hail to Friendship she who keeps
Vigil at the prison door !

Friends what is fame to him who’s bent
‘Neath tyranny ? Let’s quit renown
Forego the marble monument
And pillowed sleep on couch of down.

Love on roses sweetly sleeps
But when storms their peril pour
Hail to Friendship she who keeps
Vigil at the prison door !

In safe seclusion let us meet
And laugh at winter’s wasting touch ;
I think e’en Time he may defeat
Who’s got from out the gaoler’s clutch.

Love on roses sweetly sleeps
But when storms their peril pour
Hail to Friendship she who keeps
Vigil at the prison door !

’ Jokes In Hindi">Friendship 201 Jokes In Hindi

Simply Kamine Frndz…! Hai?
A. Nhi -sala Gay

A. Hai Gf -tharki Sala

Q. Kal Colg Ayega?
A. Haan -padhaku Ki Aulaad

A. Nhi -saale Kbhi Toh Padh Liya Kr

Q. Ice Cream Khilaega?
A. Ofcourse Yar -baap Ka Paisa Hai Saale K Paas

A. Nhi -bhikhaari Saala

Q. Dosti Nibhaega?
A. Haan-senti Saale Devdas

A. Naah Not At All -abe Saale Dhoke Baaj..

Dey Never Talk In “simple Nd Straight” Words!
Bt “simply Straighten” Everything In Ur Life

Short Sad Messages For Friendship Day

~Very Short Sad friendship quotes~

The saddest thing in the world is loving someone who used to love you.

~Very Short Sad friendship quotes~

The walls we build around us to keep out the sadness also keep out the joy.

~Very Short Sad friendship quotes~

They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.

~Very Short Sad friendship quotes~

These days flattery wins friends truth begets hatred.

~Very Short Sad friendship quotes~

et our friends perish provided our enemies fall along with them.

~Very Short Sad friendship quotes~

I myself am the only friend I have

~Very Short Sad friendship quotes~

Hearts are not had as a gift But hearts are earned.

~Very Short Sad friendship quotes~

Day we lose our need for dreams is the day the human race forfeits its soul

~Very Short Sad friendship quotes~

The walls we build around us to keep out the sadness also keep out the joy.

~Very Short Sad friendship quotes~

Friendship is but a name fidelity but an empty name

’ Quotes">Inspirational Friendship Day 201 Quotes

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Friendship is the best thing that comes to life. Friends will always be there for you. Don’t worry about the fakes. Worry about the people who had your back from the start and never treated you wrong. Always remember they are your real friends. Don’t ever take them for granted because one day you’re going to lose a good friend by the way your actions are. When you see a good friend stick to that person.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don’t say.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

The most memorable people in life will be the friends who loved you even when you weren’t very lovable.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Strangers think I’m quiet. My friends think I’m outgoing. My best friends think I’m completely insane.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

In life you never lose friends you just find out who your real ones are.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Friends are like boobs. Some are big. Some are small. Some are real. Some are fake.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Friendship isn’t about being inseparable it’s about being separated and knowing nothing will change.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Become my friend for me and my personality not for how popular I am or how much money I have.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

A true friend is someone who never gets bored of listening to your pointless dramas over…and over again.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Friendship is like peeing your pants. Everyone can see it but only you can feel it.

Happy April Fool Shayri In Hindi

Gulab Ka Fool Bago Me Khil Raha Hai
Chameli Ka Fool Chaman Me Mahek Raha Hai
Kamal Ka Fool Pani Me Tair Raha Hai
Aur April Ka Fool Mera Sms Padh Raha Hai.

’ Sms Messages">1-04-201 Sms Messages

Oh If I Were Just An April Fool
Then I’d Be Wise All The Rest Of The Months.
I’d Buy The Right Stocks
Put On The Right Socks
Eat My Bagels With Lox
And Be As Cunning As A Fox.

’ Text Messages">1st April 201 Text Messages

Sardar Got Into A Bus On 1st April
When Conductor Asked For Ticket.
He Gave Rs.10/-
And Took The Ticket And Said April Fool.
I Have Pass.

’ Messages For Boys And Girls">1st April 201 Messages For Boys And Girls

4 Roses Just For You!
1st For Friendship.
2nd For Wealth.
3rd For Happiness.
And The Last One..
Kaan Ke Upar Laga Lena Mast Lagega.

April Fool

’ April Fool Hindi Sms">201 April Fool Hindi Sms

Aeroplane Aa Raha Hai Dekho..
Chala Bhi Gaya Buddhu
Upar Dekhna Chaiye Tha Na
Mobile Me Aayega Kya

April Fool Romantic Shayari

Khush Toh Bohut Hoge Tum
Baat Hi Kutch Aisi Hai
1st April Jo Ho Rahi Hai
Dil Mein Gudgudi Si Ho Rahi Hogi
Aur Kyo Na Ho….
Saal Mein Ek Hi Toh Din Aata Hai JoHota Hai Sirf Tumhaare Naam.

April Fools Quotes And Sayings

It Is The Ability To Take A Joke
Not Make One
That Proves You Have A Sense Of Humor.
~Max Eastman

April Fool Sms In Different Languages

If Today Anyone Praises U For Ur
Gud Looks Nature Style And Attitude
Kick Them Off.
How Dare They Fool U
Before April 1st.

April Fool Marathi Sms

Sab Ko Majboor Bana Ker Chora
Apna Dastoor Bana Ker Chora

In Siyasat Ke Peshwaon Ney
Qaum Ko Fool Bana Ker Chora

Siyasat Khappe Khappe

April Fool Malayalam Sms

Priye Me Phule Magitli Tu Mala Pushpaguchya Dila
Me Dagad Magitla Tu Mala Sundar Murti Dilis
Me Morpis Magitle Tu Mala Mor Dilas Bahiri Aahes Ki Kay ?

Marathi April Fool Sms Text Messages And Jokes In 2011
Priye Tu Mala Havi Aahes Majya Sobat Ekhadya
Chanshya Hotel Madhe Aikache Aahet Te
Premache Teen Shabda Me Bill Bharte …
April Fool !

April Fool Sms In Hindi Langauge

Aisa Hai Pyar Humara
Main Kishti Tu Kinara
Mai Dhanush Tu Teer
Mai Matar Tu Paneer
Mai Barish Tu Badal
Mai Rajma Tu Chawal
Mai Hot Tu Cool
Mai April Tu Fool
Ha Ha Ha.

April Fool Sms

Aliens Have Contacted The Earth…
Just Watch The News And See It….
One More Thing Advance Mein Happy April Fool..!

April Fool Sms Messages

Today if anyone praises U 4 UR:
Kick them

how dare they
Can Fool U
before APRIL 1st….;->

April Fool Sms Jokes In Hindi


I l

I lo

I lov

I love

I love you…

I love you the most.

I love you the best.

I love you a lot..

Bcoz MENAKA GANDHI said ” People should LOVE animals.

Happy Holi Wishes In English

Bright Colors
Water Balloons
Lavish Gujiyas And Melodious Songs
Are The Ingredients Of Perfect Holi.
Wish You A Very Happy And Wonderful Holi.

’ Messages">Happy Holi 201 Messages

May God Gift You All The Colors Of Life
Colors Of Joy
Colors Of Happiness
Colors Of Friendship
Colors Of Love N
All Other Colors You Want To Paint In Your Life.. !

Colorful Holi Love Messages

A Colorful Msg
To A Colorful Person
For Colorful Day
In A Colorful Way
As A Pray
That The
Colorful Ray
May Forever Stay

Happy Holi Poems In Hindi

Khushi Chehre Se Hat Nahi Payegi
Ronak Chehre Ki Kuch Aisi Chhayegi..

Gulaal Hoga Har Kisi Ke Haatho Mein
Or Sabki Baari Bheegne Ki Bhi Ayegi..!

Har Taraf Masti Ki Leher Aayegi
Paani Ki To Bauchhar Ki Jayegi..

Chhoda Na Jayega Kisi Ko Bhi
Rango Se Aise Holi Kheli Jayegi..!

Mithaiyan Or Gujiya Bhi Aengi
Khushi Ke Mauke Par Char-Chaand Lagaengi..

Chehre Par Hansi Kisi Ke Nahi Thamegi
Jashn Me Doobi Duniya Ab Nahi Rukegi..!

Happy Holi To Everyone

’ Messages">Happy Holi 201 Messages

You Can Choose To Be Happy Or Sad
And Whichever You Choose
That Is What You Get.
No One Is Really Responsible
To Make Someone Else Happy
No Matter What Most People Have
Been Taught And Accept As True.

Valentine Date Sheet For 2013

Do you know that beside valentine day
the whole week
-infact 2 weeks-
is dedicated for various purpose
have a look at the list below-
7 Feb Rose day
8-Propose Dy
9-Chocolate Dy
10-Teddy Dy
11-Promise Dy
12-Kiss Dy
13-Hug Dy
15-Slap Dy
16-Kick Dy
17-Perfume Dy
18-Flirting Dy
19-Confession Dy
20-Missing Dy
and the
21 Feb Break Up day
-happy valentine’s day-

’ Sms Messages">Valentines Day 14 February 201 Sms Messages

  • That happens to you-
    Its a certain special-
    way of beiing alive-
    LUV is in fact-
    an intensification-
    a completeness-
    a fullness-
    a wholeness-
    of LIFE
    Love is not just something
    happy valetines day dear
  • Love Is Life
    Love Is Life 

    |        APPY.*

    Love is Life-
    Love is for Every one-
    So Do Love and Spread Love All around-
    With lots of L0ve-
    happy valetines day

Propose Day 8 Feb Wishes And Greetings

  • Propose Day Wishes SMS
    \\ ____ //
    “””   “””
    ||”   Propose Day
    Wishing You A Propose Day
    I Just Want 2 Say You
    I Love You By Heart
  • Propose Day Wishes Quotes
    True meanings of love
    If its bcoz of her eyes lips or body-
    its not love its -LUST-If its because of her intelligence
    or insight about life-
    its not love its ADMIRATION.
    If its bcoz she cries evrytime
    you try to leave her-
    its not love its -PITY-
    If its bcoz she makes U 4get to study n sleep-
    its not love its -INFATUATION-
    LOVE is
    when U do not know why
    you seem to b attracted to a person.
    LOVE has its reason and that reason is UNKNOWN
    I Just Want 2 Say You
    I Love You By Heart
  • Always We Make Love With Our Hearts
    Always We Make Love With Our Hearts
    Sometimes we make love with our eyes-
    Sometimes we make love with our hands-
    Sometimes we make love with our bodies-
    Always we make love with our hearts-
    I Just Want 2 Say You-
    I Love You By Heart-

Valentines Day Poems And Poetry 2013

  • happy valentine’s day sms messages
    you are the beat of my heart
    Lover of my soul
    I will never leave you alone & never wanna you let go 

    you are the beat of my heart
    the one that make me sing
    the one who makes me smile & I never seem to cry

    you are the beat of my heart
    the one I really love
    Do not let me out of your sight
    For I am yours by heart

  • valentine’s day love proposals sms text messages
    It is almost here-
    that special time of year-
    When hearts and flowers by the hours are- 

    brought to all who seek-
    When kisses swirl-
    and words do peak into little tuffs of cotton-

    -candy- my sweet-
    So be my love and be my-
    own and call me on the telephone or snd-

    card- that is not hard-
    right to my waiting door-

    and I will be yours forevermore
    Happy Valentines Day

  • valentine’s day poetry sms messages text in english
    Be my Valentine: What does that mean-
    Each of us must walk through life alone- 

    More deeply desolate than we have known-
    Yearning for a truth we”ve never seen-

    Valentines are from beyond that dream-
    Are like a sunrise on a world of stone-

    Little on this journey can we own-
    Except as miracles might intervene-

    No way but through loving might we give
    The freedom of our being to another-

    In such a sacrifice we hope to live-
    No longer bound by dreams of flesh and bone-
    Even as we bind our lives together

’ Sms">Happy Valentines Day 201 Sms

  • Love Is Missing Someone
    wen-evr u r apart
    bt sumehow feeling warm
    inside b-coz u r close in heart.
    Have a wonderful Valentine day
  • Happy Valentine Day jee..
    Dr.Drew Barrymore Says
    I luv romance.
    I am a sucker 4-it.
    I lv it so much.
    It iz pathetic.
  • I wish u have happy valentines day..
    Whether u prefr 2 share
    these Valentines Day
    quotes in their currnt form
    or make them a bit more personal
    they r sure 2-b usefull…..
  • It zs not evry day dat I tell u
    I luv u…
    it iz?
    bt Valentines Day
    is still special….for me.

’ For Girl Friend">Valentines Day Wishes 201 For Girl Friend

  • Evn if —->
    The sun Refused 2—->shine
    Evn if —>
    Romance ran out of —> rhyme
    u wood stil hve my —-> herrt
    Till the end of —> Time
    I Love You Very Much
  • Every body knows that..
    The cloud is ?
    so large and hv no end Ever…..
    but nobodu knows that…
    My luv is largr dan any >>> sky…
    I luv u sweety..
  • Love u …
    Happy Valentines Day..
    2–>love is
    2—> receive a glimpse of heaven…
  • Short And Simlpe Words..
    u may gv vid-out lving….
    cannot love vidout giving….
  • True Lve always Hurts>>>>>
    You Know…
    Why Dozzz
    <<<CUPID>>> Nvr Grow Up?
    It Symbolizes dat Lv Nvr ever Gts Old.
    & Why Dozz He Throwz Arrowz 2-The Hrt?
    2— Remind Us dat True Lve always Hurts…

Valentines Day Sms For Wife And Husband 2013

  • Valentines Day Shayari For Wife
    Tjy Dil Se Juda Kabhi Hone Ni Dengy
    Tjy Nind B Aaye To Sone Ni Dengy
    Tera Pyar Humen Itnaaa Pyara H K..
    Hum Mar B Gaye To Tujhe Rone Nahi Denge…
    Love My Darling…
    Happy Valentines day…
  • Valentines Day Sms For Sweet Wife
    I do not know what it is really?
    But some–times it takes every—thing..
    In me to not reach out & run…..
    My fingers through ur hair….
    Or turn around & hug u….
    When u r least expecting it…..
    Happy Valentines Day My Sweety…
  • Valentines Day Jokes
    Darling Wada Hai Tum Se…
    Chor diye wo dhanday….
    Jin k anjaam thay ganday..
    baaqi pura sal naik kaam main bitaonga.
    bus valentine k valentine hi…
    nae bachi phasaonga!….
    Happy Valentines Day..
  • Lovely Valentines Day
    It iz not telling u
    How I feel>>>>
    That scares me it is
    What u will say back 1st time…..
    But Now You Are My Life Partner..
    Happy Valentines Day My Darling..
  • Funny Valentines Day Sms
    Apni aisi wife ho…
    5’3 jis ki height ho…
    Jeans bhi jiski tight ho…
    Chehra jiska bright ho…
    Umar 18 se 2 ho…
    Aise apni Wife ho….
    Happy Valentines Day All Kanwaara Party..

’ For Sister">New Year Greetings Messages 201 For Sister

After all the events dat…
caused u tears…
Here coms di new onz dat wil bring u cheer..
4get di past the future is here
Lt us wlcum the…
happy New Year…


>>> We spnd Jan 1
walkng through our lives
rum by room
drawing up a lst of wrk 2 be done
crcks to be patched.
May b dis year…
2 balance the lst…
v ought 2 walk through the rooms of our lvz…
not looking 4 flaws…
bt for potential…

’ Sms Messages For Brother">Happy New Year 201 Sms Messages For Brother

1-Nvr ever tel ur rezolooshon b-4-hand
or its twice az onerous a duty.


2-Hope dis NEW YEAR brngz lotsss of
LuV n WARMTH 4u n 4ur LOVED ONezz…
Do not HATE any1 az ve hv got di….
LIFE 2 LuV n NOT 2 HATE oderzz…

3-a harmless annual institution..
of no particulr use 2 anibody…
sv az a scapegot…
4 promiscuous drnks..
n frndly caalz n humbug resolutions.

Funny Christmas Sms For Year 2012

  • christmas funny sms in americans english() ”’*()

    () “‘* ()
    Where are you?

    ()*”’ ()

    () ””*()
    Ah..! There u r


  • A silent night
    A silent night a star above
    a blessed gift of hope and love.
    A blessed Christmas to you!
    Happy Holidays.
  • the joy and peace
    May the joy and peace of Christmas
    be with you all through the Year.
    Wishing you a season of blessings
    from heaven above.

Cute Christmas Sms Jokes

  • sweet and cute christmas jokes-1
    Its Christmas again !
    Lve fellowship nd togetherness
    make the Christmas season all the more special.
    Christmas also means spreading the warmth of our heart
    into the lives of others
    nd bringing in joy nd cheers.
    So this Christmas
    let these special Christmas sms messages
    show how much u cherish the
    presence of ur loved ones in your life.
    Wishing u a Merry Christmas from all of us–
  • sweet and cute christmas jokes-2
  • sweet and cute christmas jokes-3
    Christmas hath a darkness;
    Brighter than the blazing noon;
    Christmas hath a chillness
    Warmer than the heat of June
    Christmas hath a beauty
    Lovelier than the world can show:
    For Christmas bringeth Jesus
    Brought for us so low
    Christina Rosetti
    Christmas is near

Christmas Jokes For Girlfriend Boyfriend

  • wonderful Christmas
    Christmas is near
    and its coming
    Be merry!
    Be happy!
    Have a wonderful Christmas
    New Year in advance.
  • Lets welcome
    Lets welcome the year-
    which is fresh and
    newLets cherish each
    moment it beholds Lets
    celebrate this
    Merry X-mas
  • Lovely X-mas
    I wish U Lovely X-mas
    I wish U Favorable
    I wish U Enjoyable
    U shall not Lack in this X-mas
    thy Lord shall provide to U!
    Merry X-Mas.

Happy Merry Christmas Jokes

  • Real Spirit of Christmas
    Christmas is not a Time nor a Season
    But a State of Mind.
    To Cherish Peace and Goodwill
    To be Plenteous in Mercy
    Is to have the Real Spirit of Christmas .
  • May all the sweet magic
    May all the sweet magic
    Of Christmas conspire
    To gladden your hearts
    And fill every desire.
  • Season’s Greetings!
    Joy resounds -in the hearts of those
    who believe in the -miracle of Christmas!
    Wishing you all the peace -joy -and love
    of the season! Season’s Greetings!

’ Sms">Best Christmas 201 Sms

  • Ur friendship::::
    Ur friendship is a glowing ember
    through the yr n each december frm
    its warm n livin spark -v -kindle flame against
    a dark n with its shining radiance
    light our tree of -faith on Christmas night.
  • a big fat man::::
    One day a big fat man comes
    to you and puts you in a big bag.
    Don’t get afraidi asked santaclause
    to gift me a good friend for this xmas.
    Happy christmas.–
  • Your Heart::::
    Somehow Not Only for Christmas
    But all the Long Year through– 

    The Joy that you Give to Others
    Is the Joy that Comes Back to You.

    And the More you Spend in Blessing
    The Poor and Lonely and Sad

    The More of Your Heart’s Possessing
    Returns to you glad.–

’ Sms Messages">Christmas 201 Sms Messages

  • In this X-mas:::
    In the daytime if sun shine so-
    shall Ur expectations come true-
    At night when moon comes-
    out so shall U receive blesses-
    then if rain fall so shall it-
    going to carry all your problem away from U-
    Happy Merry Christmas-
  • Two things:::
    Two things upon this changing-
    earth can neither change nor end-
    the splendor of Christ’s humble birth-
    the love of friend for friend-
    Happy Christmas day-
  • Christmas gift::::
    Christmas gift suggestions-
    To your enemy forgiveness-
    To an opponent tolerance-
    To a friend your heart-
    To a customer service-
    To all charity-
    To every child-
    a good example-
    To yourself-

Christmas Funny Sms Messages

  • happy x mas::::
    Heap on the wood!-
    the wind is chill
    But let it whistle as it will
    We will keep our Christmas merry still.
    Wish u A Very Very Happy x mas Day
  • merry x mas::::
    For thy lord
    your God had made it possible for u
    to see the month of December!
    So shall all impossibility in your will be possible!
    Wishing u merry x-mas!
    blessing x mas::::
    The joyful news that He is risen
    does not change the contemporary world.
    Still before us lie work
    discipline sacrifice.
    But the fact of Easter gives us the spiritual
    power to do the work
    accept the discipline
    and make the sacrifice.
    Henry Knox Sherrill

Christmas Ascii Sms Messages

  • Christmas ascii sms messages collectionMERRY CHRISTMAS to you

    ()”””() *
    ( ‘o’ ) *
    (“”)(“”) “*
    Roses 4 u–

  • christmas tyohaar sms in hindi
    Chritmas ka- ye pyara tyohaar
    jeevan mein -laye khushiyan apaar
    santa clause -aaye aapke dwar
    subhkamna -hamari kare sweekar.
    Merry Christmas.