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We have compile latest messages of boss ki biwi se chudai for your friends and families. Select boss ki biwi se chudai messages and send boss ki biwi se chudai greetings in wishes to show how much your friends are important for you.

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Oct 17 2011

‚ Boss Day Quotes">Boss Day SMS Messages Boss Day Quotes

  • Boss Day SMS
    The smallest act of kindness
    is worth more than the grandest intention.
    Thanks for helping me always.
    (Happy Boss Day)
  • Boss Day SMS
    The only people with whom you should
    try to get even are those who have helped you.
    for me you are one such person.
    (Happy Boss Day)
  • Boss Day SMS
    u r everything I wish to be
    u mean all the world to me.
    I m so glad we celebrate this day yearly
    Because you’re the gretest boss and I Love you dearly
    Now that all of this butt-kissing
    Is through You’ll give me a raise
    if you know what’s good for you.
    (Happy Boss Day)
  • Boss Day SMS
    A wish for you on BOSS DAY
    Hope today is espically
    Filled with the special kind of Niceness
    you always bring to work
    (Happy Boss Day)

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Oct 17 2011

Happy Boss Day 2011 Sms

  • Boss Day SMS
    Arguing with your Boss is Like Wrestling
    with a Donkey in the Mud.
    After some Time
    (Happy Boss Day)
  • Boss Day SMS
    Some people think Boss’s Day is a just
    a way to try to get in good with the boss.
    I promise I would never do that to anyone
    as smart respected & gifted as you.
    Have a great one.
    (Happy Boss Day)
  • Boss Day SMS
    Leadership isn’t a skill it’s a talent
    we appreciate how you always give your
    best and inspire us to do the same.
    We’re glad to work with you.
    Happy Boss’s Day.
  • Boss Day SMS
    May ur day be touched with sunshine
    ur heart overflow with love
    and ur soul sing with hope.
    May everything in your life sparkle with a radiance that
    comes only from happiness.
    (Happy Boss Day)
Oct 17 2011

Boss Day 2011 Messages

  • Boss Day SMS
    The world’s a better place
    because of folk like you.
    Who take the time to do nice things
    the way you always do.
    (Happy Boss Day)
  • Boss Day SMS
    Those special people who believe in
    others give them the courage to succeed.
    It really means a lot to work with
    someone who’s so understanding and supportive.
    (Happy Boss Day)
  • Boss Day SMS
    Employee: I want a raise in my salary
    I am in demand and have two companies running after me!
    Boss: Oh! I am really impressed but which companies are they?
    Employee slowly: The electric and the telephone company
  • Boss Day SMS
    If you want to send sms your boss
    then u can read our collection for message
    4 a goodbye to a boss excuse me boss
    greeting messages to boss
    (Happy Boss Day)

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Oct 17 2011

Happy Boss Day Sms 2011 In English Hindi

  • Boss Day SMS
    Thank u 4 praising good work
    thank u 4 leading by example
    thank u 4 caring about us & what we do.
    Thank you for being so terrific to work for.
    (Happy Boss Day)
  • Boss Day SMS
    I feel a very unusual sensation
    if it is not indigestion
    I think it must be gratitude.
    That too for you
    (Happy Boss Day)
  • Boss Day SMS
    One can pay back the loan of gold
    but one dies forever in debt to those who are kind.
    you are one such person for me.
    (Happy Boss Day)
  • Boss Day SMS
    Smart boss + smart employee = profit
    Smart boss + dumb employee = production
    Dumb boss + smart employee = promotion
    Dumb boss + dumb employee = overtime
    We are the 1st option!

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Oct 17 2011

‚ Happy Boss Day 2011">Boss Day Sms 2011 Happy Boss Day 2011

  • Arguing with ur Boss is Like Wrestling
    With a Donkey in da Mud.
    After some Time
    u Will Realize that
    u are Getting Dirty and da Donkey is Enjoying it.
    Happy Bose Day
  • A wish for you on boss day
    Hope today is espically
    Filled with the special
    Kind of Niceness
    u always bring to work
    Happy Boss’s Day !
  • I feel a very unusual sensation
    if it is not indigestion
    I think it must be gratitude.
    That 24 for u. Happy Boss Day!
  • The smallest act of kindness is worth
    more than the grandest intention.
    Thanks 4 helping me always.
    .Happy Boss Day.
Oct 17 2011

Boss Day 2011 Sms Messages 140 Words

You inspire us encourage us
And protect us from harm
You know when to turn up the heat
And when to stay calm….
Thank you for tolerating
My occasional mistake
And for the blind eye you turn
When I dash in late..
Happy Boss Day
Having u to talk to is important to me
Sometimes I just need to vent
It is comforting that you don’t get angry
When I complain with good intent.
Happy Boss Day
I thank you for your kindness
I will not soon forget;
You’re one of the nicest people
I have ever met.

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Oct 17 2011

Happy Boss Day Greetings 2011

By Working Faithfully Eight Hours A Day
You May Eventually Get To Be Boss &
Work Twelve Hours A Day.

Happy Boss Day

Jul 04 2011

Shohar Biwi Sms

Biwi shohar sy: Apko Mera banaya Hua Halwa Pasnd Nai Aaya bachy To 3 Platen kha chuky Han

Andr sy Awaz Ai Mama 1 Plate Aur Dena 1 kitab ki Jild Reh Gai Hy :

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Oct 17 2011

Happy Boss Day 2011 Sms

One Can Pay Back The Loan Of Gold
But One Dies Forever In Debt To Those
Who Are Kind You Are One Such Person For Me.
Happy Boss Day!

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Aug 20 2011

1 Biwi Ki Request Hy Ignore Mat Karna

Aik Biwi ki request hy ignore mat karna.

Is sMs ko itna phelao ke uske

Showhar tak pounch jaye

Or wo razi hojaye Aameen

Hum hazaron sMs karty hain

Shayad is aik sMs se hum kisi

ki Biwi k kaam aajayain.


Meri jaan

is baar EiD mere sath karain please ajayen na



Oct 22 2011

Pathan Ki Biwi

Pathan ki biwi:
ajj hum ne aisa khana pakaya hai k tum khush ho jayega!
wyi wyi. Lale ki jaan tum ne aisa kya bnaya hai?
naswar ka halwa”.

Oct 20 2011

Ghar Me Miya Biwi Ki Fight

Samney walay ghar me Miya Biwi ki fight chal rahi ha.
Aap 1baar jaiye na
Main 1 2 baar gya tha. . .
Shayad ye usi ka natija hai…!

Jun 21 2011

Wife Biwi Aur Begum

Wife Biwi Aur Begum ME KYA FARQ HY?




















kuch farq nhi hy dost


Ye 1 hi musibat k 3 alag alag naam hain

Oct 17 2011

Happy Bosss Day 2011 Greetings Sms

I feel a very unusual sensation.if it is not indigestion I think it must be gratitude. That too for you.
Happy Boss Day!
Doing special favors
in a dozen different ways
Looking out for others
with no thought of
thanks or praise .
We really appreciate
All that you do and say
This comes with big thanks
To you Boss on your Boss’s Day….
You always give your best
And inspire others to do likewise
That you are appreciated
Should come as no surprise..
(Happy Boss Day)
Those who work with you
Wish to say
Thank you muchly
On Boss’s Day…

Oct 20 2011

Ghari Aur Biwi Main Kia Farq Hai

Ghari aur biwi main kia farq hai?
ek bigarti hai to band hojati hai aur doosri bigarti hai to chaaloo hojati hai.”

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Apr 08 2011

Apni Biwi Ka Antim Sanskar

Ek aadmi apni biwi ka antim sanskar kar ke Ghar ja raha tha ke achanak bijli Chamki Badal garje Zor se barish(rain) shuru hoi Aadmi bola lagta hai pahunch gai.

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Apr 03 2011

Shaadi K Baad Biwi Bathroom Se Boli

Shaadi k baad biwi bathroom se boli darling yeh bottle main kia hai white colour ka?
Husband: JaaneMAnn yeh woh bachey hain JINKO maa ka pyaar nahi mil saka.

Oct 20 2011

Yar Meri Biwi Pani Se Bohat Darti Hai

Sardar : Yar meri biwi pani se bohat darti hai.
Friend : Acha wo kaise?

Sardar : Yar kal mein ghar gaya to wo bathtub
mai bhi security guard k sath bethi thi.!

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Mar 07 2012

Holi Sms For Boss

Hello Sir

You know You are the one such person for me in my practical life. I wish you and your family a very Happy Holi Festival.

Hope you enjoy Holi

Jun 23 2011

Filmi Style Love Letter

When i am your : KareebThere is only : KhamoshiI want to speak : Dil sethat’s my kind of : Ishqi want this to be : Guptas i always have : Darrthat i will loose you : Sajaniand that would be great : Sadmai am your : Mr.aashiquebut sometimes bit : Deewanatell me : Hum aapke hain kaunas i feel : Kuch kuch hota haiin this : Duniya dilwalon kii told you : Maine pyar kiyaMaybe : Dil to pagal haibecause : Jab pyar kisise hota haithe whole world appears as : Dushmanbut anyway : Pyar to hona hi thabut u must know: Pyaar koi khail nahibut if uwant to become : Dulhan dilwale kithen u must respond To this : PukaarAnd don’t mind because this is my: Stylei hope your answer is : Yes bossAnd if u say no then i know life is: Kabhi khushi kabhi ghami don’t know what will b my: Anjaam

(Mehbooba Ka Reply)

Thank you for your love letter. However I feel “Hud Ker De Aapne” for “Hum Aapke Hai Kaun“? “Dil Chahta Hai” I should tell you I think you are a “Jaanwar” I have to tell you I know your “Mohabatein” are false. Who gave you the right to think you are my “Sajaan” and I am your ” Chandini“. How dare you look at me you “Coolie No1“! If you were here in front of me Id hit you with my chapple so hard your head will spin with these “Yaadein“. You said “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” every time you think of me. But I know you feel “Haseena Maan Jayegee” to every girl you see. “Ram Jaane” what I will do to you if I catch you. If you have any “Khauf” you will feel “Durr” from me. You are a “Kunwara” leading a “Rangeela” lifestyle with friends saying “Chal Merey Bhai“. Spending all your nights on the “Sarak“. I am sure the “Sholay” in your heart you say burn for me. Is nothing but indigestion from too much eating and drinking! Describing yourself as “Baadshah and “Himmutvar you sound like a “Jungli” to me. You say you want to make me your “Biwi No1” however I say you lack “Insaniyaat“! I can not believe you think I will turn to you and say “Kaho Na Pyar Hai“! Id much rather kiss a “Bichoo” than go near you! Any of “Amer Akbar Anthony” would be better suited to me than you. “Dil Wale Dulanyah Ley Jayengey” you said but I say your “Dil to Pagal Hai“! Dont  you realise that “Andaz Apnna Appna” and that their cant be no “Rishta” between us. We are like a “Mohra” in the game of life. And it is always “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham“. The open “Fiza” with its changing weather is testament to that. So please leave it as “Akeelay Hum Akkeelay Tum“. Besides I am already engaged to a guy with “Roti Kapra Aur Makaan“. And he is no “Khal Nayak” like you. He is my real “Hero“. My real “Jivan Saathi“. And with him I really know “Yeah Raaste Hai Payar Ka“. And there can be no space in my “Zindagi” for anyone but him. You will only end up causing an “Aflatoon because he is a “Major Sahib” in the Army working on the “Border” and he will kill you if he finds out.
So save yourself from becoming the foundations of a “Deewar” and leave me alone.

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Jul 09 2011

Wonderful Lines On An Office Wall

Wonderful Lines On An Office Wall :

If You Think Ur Boss Is



U Would Not Have Got The Job If He Was Smarter..! :

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Oct 20 2011

Aapki Kitni Beewian Hain

Aap Bilkul Meri 3sri Biwi Ki Tarha Lag Rahi Hain.
O Really !
Aapki Kitni Beewian Hain?
Doctor: 2.

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Jun 10 2011

Sweet Demand

Sweet Demand

Bcha apni Maa say pitny k bad ghar k bahr betha tha.

Papa ne pucha to Bola:

PAPA apki biwi k sath ab mera gzara ni ho skta Mje mri biwi chahye.

Jun 24 2011

Funny Shadi Poetry

Pyiaar k iss daur mein

Shadi ho lahore mein..

Pyaari si ik biwi ho

Jaisay Rangeen Tv ho..

Gol matol sey saalay hon

Jaisay dahi k pyaalay hon..

Pyaari si ik saali ho

biwi k baad ghar wali ho..

Pyiaar k iss daur mein

shaadi ho lahore mein.


Oct 23 2011

Pyaar K Iss Daur Mein

Pyaar k iss daur mein
Shadi ho lahore mein
Pyaari si ik biwi ho
Jaisay Rangeen Tv ho
Gol matol sey saalay hon
Jaisay dahi k pyaalay hon
Pyaari si ik saali ho
biwi k baad ghar wali ho
Pyaar k iss daur mein
shaadi ho lahore mein

Jul 16 2011

Ek Larki Apne Boyfrnd K Sath Ghoom Rhi Thi K

Ek Larki Apne Boyfrnd k sath Ghoom rhi thi k

achank larki ka Husband A gya Or Boy frand ko Marne lga


Maar Gadhe ko

Apni Biwi ko to Ghumata nhi

Dusron ki Biwi Ghumane le ata hy

Itne me Boy ko Josh aya or Wo Husband ko Marne lga


Maar Sale ko

na Khud Ghumata hy

na ksi or ko Ghmane dta h.

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May 18 2011

Urdu Quiz-Question Sms

Quiz-Question Sms In Urdu

A ki biwi B
B ki bhabhi C
C ki beti V
V ke dada G
G ki biwi K
K ki beti T

So what relationship do A n T share?

Answer= they are husband and wife

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Oct 20 2011

Main Amitab Bachan Bol Raha Hon

Main Amitab Bachan bol raha hon KBC seis waqt apki biwi mere samne baithi hen or us ko ap ki madad ki zarurat hi.agli awaz ap ki biwi ki. ”BACHAAAOOO” ilu.

Jul 15 2011

’s Sad Story">A Mans Sad Story

A MANs Sad Story:

kl mri Birthdy thi

Mri BV ne mjy wish nhi kia or na he mre bacho ne

me kaam p gya lekn mre dosto ne b wish nhi kea

me apne cabin me chla gya

mri Secretry ne kaha

Happy Birthdy Boss

mjy bht acha lga

phr usne mjy apne Flat invite kea

She said:

me 2mint k lea Bedrom me chli jao?

I said:


kch wqt k bad wo ek bht bry Cake k 7 bahir aa gai

uske pechy mre BV bche or dost b thy





or me us k intzar me Sofe p Nanga beta tha..

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Oct 20 2011

Shak Ki Inteha

Shak ki Inteha!
Darling! I will luv u for the next 1000 years…
Uss k baaad kon c maa k pass janey ka irada hai?

Jul 12 2011

Sheikh Sath Walo Se Zara Iodex Le Ao

Sheikh Sath walo se zara iodex le ao.

Biwi:Wo log nahi denge.

Sheikh: Han baray hi kanjoos aur kaminay log hain





Chal almari vichu apni kadd lea.

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Apr 03 2012

Tabhi To Use Swarg Kehte Hain

Wife :- Suna hai swarg me husband aur wife ko saath me nahi rehne dete


Husband :- Pagli tabhi to use swarg kehte hai ….

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Sep 19 2011

The Girl Lost Her Chance To Marry

Boy: Marry Me..?

Girl: Do You Have A House…?
Boy: No..

Girl: Do You Have A Bmw Car…?
Boy: No..

Girl: How Much Is Your Salary..?
Boy: No Salary But.

Girl: No But.You Have Nothing.
How Can I Marry You? Leave Please!

Boy: (talking To Himself) I Have One Villa 3 Property
Lands 3 Ferrari ‘ S And 3 Porsche’s. Why Would I Need
To Have A Bmw ? How Could I Get A Salary When
I’m The Boss!
& The Girl Lost Her Chance

Jun 25 2011

Aik Dost Dusre Dost Se

Aik dost dusre dost se yar to aj udas kyon hay?

Dost: yar aj to din hi bura hay.

Subha bv se jhagra ho gaya wo chor k chali gai

Rastay may gari kharab ho gai

Daftar late pohancha


Boss ne nokri se nikal dia

wapsi pe challan hogaya


khudkushi k liye Zeher peenay laga tha

Wo glass

Tu pee gaya

Apna to din hi bura hay!

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Apr 02 2011

People Who Do Lots Of Work

Hi Boss
People who do lots of work
make lots of mistakes.

People who do less work
make less mistakes.

People who do no work
make no mistakes.

People who make no mistakes
gets promoted.

Thats why I spend most of my time
sending e-mails & playing games at work
I need a promotion.

Apr 08 2011


Vijay – ‘Anna Gud n8 NA’
Ajith – ‘Ela Gud n8 LA’
Simbu – ‘machi gud n8 da’
Surya – ‘Hai MALINI Gud n8′
Dhanush – ‘hello boss gud n8′
Prakashraj – ‘Hai chellam Gud n8′

& finally


Aug 13 2011

1 Admi Adhi Raat Ko Apni Moti

1 admi adhi rat ko apni mooti biwi ko jaga k bola

begum:sisak sisak kr marna acha h ya 1 dum?

begum :1 dum


Ty fair duji lat v mery utty rkh de.:-)

Jun 28 2011

Chumma Sms

Bhikari ne awaj lagai- Babuji roti milegi..?
Andar se awaz aayi-Biwi ghar pe nahi hai…
Bhikari CHUMMA nahi manga
Roti mangi hai…!

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Oct 20 2011

Antim Sanskar

Ek aadmi apni biwi ka antim sanskar kar ke Ghar ja raha tha ke achanak bijli Chamki Badal garje Zor se barish(rain) shuru hoi Aadmi bola lagta hai pahunch gai.

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Feb 07 2012

Nahi Hain Aa Jao

Aik Aadmi ka gala kharab tha
Wo raat ke 3 bajedoctor ke ghar gaya
Bell bajane per doctor ki wife bahar nikli
Dard ki waja se: Wo aadmi bohat aahista se bola
Doctor saab hain:
Uski biwi aur bhi aahista se boli
Nahi hain Aa jao! =P =D

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Apr 09 2012


1 Sardar Ko uska Susar Jootay Maar Raha Tha:

Aadmi: Q Maar Rahy Ho?

Susar: Iski Biwi ne Hospital Se Isay SMS Kya


Isne Apne Saary Doston Ko Forward Kar diya. :-D

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Apr 29 2011

Husband Wife Messages In Urdu

Urdu Husband Wife Messages

Wife: pori duniya mein chirag le kar b dhondo ge to mere jesi biwi nahi mile gi

Husband: Tumhein kis ne kaha k dosri bar bhi tumhare jesi hi dhondon ga?

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Apr 03 2011

Dunia Ki Sab Se Unchi Pahaar

Biwi: Husband se agar me dunia ki sab se unchi pahaar pe chardi to tum mjhe kya dogey…

Husband: Jan dhakaa.

Apr 03 2011

Bivi Ghusse Mein

Bivi Ghusse Mein: “Mera jeena haram ho gaya hai. Me ye ghar chorh k ja rahi hun”

Husband: Jan Choro! Khuda K Waste.

Biwi Wapas Atay Hoye: Ek to apki ye adat buhut buri hai hamesha JAN keh k aur Khuda ka wasta de k rok lete hain :)

Jul 18 2011

Fixed Voting Age

Santa: Why has the Govt. fixed voting age 18yrs & marriage age 21yrs?
Banta: Govt. ko pata hai ki desh sambhalna aasan hai lekin biwi ko nahi.

ALSO TRY : santa banta sms latest santa banta sms santa banta sms jokes santa banta sms messages santa banta msg urdu santa banta sms

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Apr 03 2011

Mukamal Aaram Ki Zarurat Hai

Aap k shohar ko mukamal aaram ki zarurat hai.
Ye neend ki goliyan hain

ye mein inhen kis waqt doon?


Ye aap ne khani hain….

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Apr 05 2011



MAMU : Oye maar gayay yaar.
Meri biwi aur premika saath saath AA rehli hain.

MAMU KA DOST : Arrey mein bhi yehi bolnewala tha.

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Apr 08 2011

Wo Kon Si Jagah Hai

General Knowledge..
1) Wo kon si jagah hai jahan suraj ki kiran sirf 1 bar parri ab Qayamat tak nahi parregi.?
Ans: darya-e-neel ka centre..
2) Wo kya hai jo piya jata hai khaya nahi.?

3) Wo kon hai jis ne jhoot bola or jannat men jayega.?
Ans:firon ki biwi aasia.
4) Wo kon hai jis ne sach bola or jahannum men jayega.?
Ans:chipkali (lizard).
5) Insan k jism men Rooh k rahnay ki jagah kahan hai.?
Ans: shehrag.
plz share it wid ur frndz..

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Apr 08 2011

General Knowledge

General Knowledge.. 1) Wo kon si jagah hai jahan suraj ki kiran sirf 1 bar parri ab Qayamat tak nahi parregi.? Ans: darya-e-neel ka centre.. 2) Wo kya hai jo piya jata hai khaya nahi.? Ans:ghussaa. 3) Wo kon hai jis ne jhoot bola or jannat men jayega.? Ans:fir’on ki biwi aasia.

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Jun 25 2011

Ek Aadmi Ki Wife Mar Gayi

Ek aadmi ki wife mar gayi


Dost usko chup karne k baad: Tujhe kuch chahye?


Admi: Jaldi Laptop le aa..


Facebook pe status change kr k Single krna ha … :D

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