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We have compile latest messages of friend ki mom ko blackmail karke choda for your friends and families. Select friend ki mom ko blackmail karke choda messages and send friend ki mom ko blackmail karke choda greetings in wishes to show how much your friends are important for you.

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Apr 08 2011

Mom Knows Everything

6 Years: Mom Knows Everything !
8 Years: Mom Knows Alot !
1 Years: Mom Really Doesnt Know Everything !
14 Years: Mom Knows Nothing !
16 Years: Mom What Mom !
…18 Years: Mom Is Outdated !
25 Years: Maybe Mom Knows!
35 Years:Before Deciding Lets Ask Mom!
45 Years: I Wonder What Mom Thinks!
75 Years: I Wish.Mom Was Here To Ask


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Oct 22 2011

Best Friend & Just Friend

The Diffrnce b/w Best Friend & Just Friend?
When u r n Hospital
Just Friend asks:
Tabiyat kaisi hai?
& Best Friend asks:
Nurse kaisi hai.?

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Oct 20 2011

Mom And Dad

“Mom and Dad I’m coming home but I’ve a favor to ask. I have a friend I’d like to bring home with me.”

“Sure” they replied “we’d love to meet him.”

“There’s something you should know the son continued “he was hurt pretty badly in the fighting. He stepped on a land mind and lost an arm and a leg. He has nowhere else to go and I want him to come live with us.”

Sep 19 2011

Boy Friend To Girl Friend

boy friend:
Agar Tum India Me Hoti To Wo Log Zarur
Tumhari Poja Karte
Girl friend
Kia Me”Husan Ki Devi”
Lagti Hon
Boy friend

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Oct 22 2011

Aaj Girl Friend Ki Shadi Main Jaa K

Aaj Girl Friend ki shadi main jaa k ye ehsaas hua.
Biryani achi ho to Mohabbat bhi pheki lgti hai.

( ‘’)
/\ de na yar.

Apr 02 2011

Friend Ship Rules

Friend Ship rules
No Drama
No Excuse
No Sorry
No Thanx
Dont Say
I m busy
Always Say
Jigar hukum kar
Tery liye jan Bhi hazir hai.
Dein ge nahi wo alag baat hai:-)

Oct 22 2011

Aaj Girl Friend Ki Shadi Main Jaa K

Aaj Girl Friend ki shadi main jaa k ye ehsaas hua.
Biryani achi ho to Mohabbat bhi pheki lgti hai.

( ‘’)
/\ de na yar.

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Apr 08 2011

I Love You Mom

I love you mom
having u makes me feel safe & calm
I miss u mom
Missing touches 2 my face with ur chapped palm
u r the greatest
because u r my mom

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Feb 29 2012

Friend Hendati Aagalaaralu

Akana friend akka aagabahudu
Thangiya friend thangiyaagabahudu
Hendatiya friend hendati aagalaaralu

Apr 01 2011

Boy To His Friend

Boy to his friend:
yar me apni girlfriend ko kya birthday gift don.
Friend: kesi dikhti he
Boy: beautiful
Friend: esa karo mera number de do…..!Smile

Oct 20 2011

HappY Kunwara Life

GirL Friend is fun
Wife is gun.
GirL Friend is Light of Moon
Wife is Month of June.
GirL Friend is Tooty Fruity
Wife is Kismat Phooti.
GirL Friend is Beauty
Wife is duty.
Girl friend is pension
Wife is tension.
Girl friend is pataka
Wife is syapa.
HappY Kunwara Life.

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Jun 10 2011

GiRL Apny Nabina Boy Friend Se

GiRL Apny Nabina Boy Friend Se

Kash Tumhari Ankhen Hoti To Tum Mere HUSUN

Ko Dekhtey


Ager Tum Khubsurt Hoti To Kia


(.)\ Andha hon
<) ( / bewaqof
_/ \_ nhi…        ;-)

Oct 22 2011

Girl Friend Ka Pata Puchta Hai

Vo Shakhs Mujhse Meri girl_Friend ka Pata Puchta Hai
Kitna Nadaan Hai Apne Hi Ghar ka Pata Nahi Jaanta.!

Feb 22 2012

Awkward Moment When Mom Says

The awkward moment when your mom says.!

O my Innocent Son :D ;)



The awkward moment when your mom says.!
Haye mera shareef bacha :D ;)

Jul 30 2013

Touching Friendship Quotes

I live for the nights that I can’t remember with the people that I won’t forget.

~Touching friendship quotes~

Lifes too short to argue about the tiniest of things so build a bridge and get over it 2 discover the best of memories from your friends! :

~Touching friendship quotes~

A friend tries to stay but an object fades away.

~Touching friendship quotes~

Many people walk in and out of our lives but only true friends leave footprints in our hearts. :)

~Touching friendship quotes~

Friends are like umbrellas no matter what the weather rain or shine they will always be by your side.

~Touching friendship quotes~

You will know who is your true friend when your having drama with other people and he or she is standing right next to you…not leaving you behind when things get ugly!

~Touching friendship quotes~

A good friend will visit you in hospital and say” get well soon” and goes. But a true friend sits near you and says “the nurse is hot you take your time to get well

~Touching friendship quotes~

Friends are the ones that laugh with you not at you.

~Touching friendship quotes~

A real friend is always there for you but a fake friend is there when they want something from you.

~Touching friendship quotes~

A true friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you’re fooling everyone else.

Oct 18 2011

A Sleepy Msg From A Sleepy Friend

A Sleepy Msg From A Sleepy Friend

To A Sleepy Friend For A Sleepy Reason

In A Sleepy Mood At A Sleepy Time

With A Sleepy Style To Say Sleepy Sleepy.
Good Night :) :)

Apr 05 2011

A Woman Was Telling Her Friend

A woman was telling her friend It was I who made my husband a millionaire.
And what was he before you married him? asked the friend.
The woman replied A multi-millionaire.

Apr 02 2011

A Boy Was Going With His Girl Friend

A Boy Was Going With His Girl Friend

Friend Asked : Who Is She?

Boy : My Cousin.

The Frend Said: Last Year She Was My Cousin.! :D

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Oct 18 2011

My Friend Is Going To Sleep

HEllo Moon
My friend is Going to Sleep.
Tell to your Brother sun to raise tomorrow late.
Because my friend wants More relax.
*Good Night*

Apr 02 2011

I Am Proud To Being Your Friend

I m proud to being ur friend bcoz you are:


So i say u again u r great EDIOT.

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Oct 22 2011

Ek Dukhi Girl Friend Ki Shayri

Ek dukhi girlfrnd ne apne boyfrnd k liye shayri likhi.
“Phoolon ka raja
Baharon ka shahzada.”
Dil tor kar chala gaya..
“kutta kamina haramzada.

Apr 08 2011

For The Best Mom

For the best mom
who always had a smile for me
I know we may be far apart right now
So heres a great big hug and kiss
Happy Mothers Day

Oct 22 2011

A Boy Is Sitting With His Girl Friend

A boy is sitting in a park behind a tree with his girl friend
old man:
kya ye hamari tehzib hai ?
nahi ye paros wali salma hai :

Oct 22 2011

Pathan To Friend

Yaar Mai 2 Mushkilon Mai Phans Gia Hon
Wo Kon si
BV Makeup Karay To Kharcha Naqabil e Bardasht
Na Karay To BV Naqabil e Brdasht

Oct 22 2011

Apni Girl Friend Ko Mein

apni “Girl friend”ko “mein ”
kese “samjhaon
“K “Mohabbat “miss “karne “se “Nhi “Kiss “KARNE’ “se “Barhti “hy

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Nov 10 2011

Aaj Girl Friend Ki Shadi Main Jaa K

Aaj Girl Friend ki shadi main jaa k ye ehsaas hua.
Biryani achi ho to Mohabbat bhi pheki lgti hai.

( ‘’)
/\ de na yar.

Feb 20 2012

Holi Poetry Only 4 My Best Friend

Holi Poetry Only 4 My Best Friend


Mosam ki bahar achi hai

Phulon ki khusbu achi hai

Hamari ye dosti sachi hai

Bhagwan se bas ek pratna hai

Mere dost ka har tyohar acha rahe

Aur har tyohar rango ki bahar rahe

Holi Mubarak!

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Oct 22 2011

All Muslim Friend Se Guzarish Hai

All Muslim friend se Guzarish hai k
‘WALLS’ ki Ice Cream Na khayain kyun k
jub Aap Log WALLS ki ice Cream khatay hain
Allah gawa hai k
mara v dil karda aey.

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Apr 02 2011

You Are My Friend

Fathers Day Sms

You are my friend philosopher and guide
I wish to you

Happy Fathers Day!

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Apr 08 2011

My Mother My Friend

My Mother my friend so dear
Throughout my life you’re always near
A tender smile to guide my way
You’re the sunshine to light my day

Jul 04 2011

Whos Girl Friend Is Your Daughter

Rich Man: Today I have 14 Cars
18 Bikes 4 Bungalows 3 Farm Houses

What do you have?

Poor Man: I have a boy

who’s Girl Friend is
Your Daughter..!

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Apr 01 2011

Good Night My Very Special Friend

Good night my very special friend
I pray you lay in rest
And may tomorrow bring you
Much love and happiness.
Do not think of me…i m in ur eyes in ur heart
Good Night

Apr 01 2011

He Is My Most Beloved Friend

He is my most beloved friend and
My bitterest rival
My confidant and my betrayer
My sustainer and my dependent
And scariest of all my equal.
Broyhers & Sisters Day !

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Aug 18 2011

Har Insaan Apne Har Friend Se Kuch


Har insaan apne har friend se kuch na kuch sekhta hai aap ne MUJH se kya seekha hai

Reply must

Be honest jo bhe answer ho rply zrur krna.

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Apr 08 2011

You Were Always My Best Friend

“You were always my best friend looking out for me making sure the path I traveled on was smooth. Even if I searched the world over there cannot be a better brother than you. Wishing You Lifes Best Always.”

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Aug 01 2011

A Friend Is Sweet When Its New

A friend is sweet when its new
But it is sweeter when its TRUE
But u know what ?
Its sweetest when its you.

Jul 21 2011

A Friend Should Be One In Whose Understanding

A friend should be one in whose understanding

and virtue we can equally confide

and whose opinion we can value at once for its justness and its sincerity.

Jul 04 2011

All Muslim Friend Se Guzarish Hai

All Muslim Friend se Guzarish hai k
WALLS ki Ice Cream Na khain
Q k
jAb Aap Log WALLS ki ice Cream khate hain Allah Gawa hai k

Mara V Dil karda aey…

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Aug 03 2011

Tum Friend Ho Mery SADA K LIYe

Tum Friend ho Mery SADA K LIYe

Main zinda Hoon

Tumhari wafa k LIYE

Kar Lena Lakhon

shikvey HUM Se Mgr

kbi judaa Na

Hona KHUA K Liye

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Apr 01 2011

To All My Friend

To all my friend who send me best wishes for 2010 it did bugger all
For 2011 could you please send either money alcohal
Or gas vouchers

Apr 09 2012

Question About Best Friend

Best friends never propose each others…!
They really feel bad when 1 gets committed to some other !

Agree.Or Not?
Reply Fast

Feb 04 2013

’ For Girl Friend">Valentines Day Wishes 201 For Girl Friend

  • Evn if —->
    The sun Refused 2—->shine
    Evn if —>
    Romance ran out of —> rhyme
    u wood stil hve my —-> herrt
    Till the end of —> Time
    I Love You Very Much
  • Every body knows that..
    The cloud is ?
    so large and hv no end Ever…..
    but nobodu knows that…
    My luv is largr dan any >>> sky…
    I luv u sweety..
  • Love u …
    Happy Valentines Day..
    2–>love is
    2—> receive a glimpse of heaven…
  • Short And Simlpe Words..
    u may gv vid-out lving….
    cannot love vidout giving….
  • True Lve always Hurts>>>>>
    You Know…
    Why Dozzz
    <<<CUPID>>> Nvr Grow Up?
    It Symbolizes dat Lv Nvr ever Gts Old.
    & Why Dozz He Throwz Arrowz 2-The Hrt?
    2— Remind Us dat True Lve always Hurts…
Jul 22 2011

My Friend Must Be A Bird

My love must be a bird
Because he flies.
Mortal my love must be
Because he dies!
Barbs has he like a bee.
Ah curious love.
Thou puzzlest me

Jul 09 2011

Happy BaLance Send Day

Happy BaLance Send Day






Ab Nibhao Dosti

Hai Koi Sacha DosT?:

Apr 02 2011

A Line Said By A Friend

A line said by a frnd 2 his Frnd
aftr both got busy in their livz
did’n contct each other.
“Missd ur smile a lot.
btI missd my own smile more”.

Apr 02 2011

Exams Are Like Girl Friend

Exams are like girl friends
- difficult 2 understand
- too many questions
- more explanations are needed
And results are most of the time failure…

Apr 02 2011

Exams Are Like Girl Friend

Exams are like Girl friends
- Too many questions
- Difficult to understand
- More explanation is needed
- Result is always fail!

Jun 11 2011

Pathan To His Friend

Pathan: Kal mere abba Kunwen me gir gaye

zor zor se cheekhne lage

Bachao Bachao..!

2nd: Ab kaise hain?

Pathan: Theek hi honge aaj subah se koi awaz to nahi aai!

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Jul 03 2011

Pathan Girl Friend K Sath

Pathan girl frind k sath car ma lahore sy faslabd ja rha tha

Usne girlfrnd ki Legs par hath rkha


Tm es say agy b ja skte h0

pathan usy multan tk le gya..

Jul 30 2013

’ Quotes">Inspirational Friendship Day 201 Quotes

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Friendship is the best thing that comes to life. Friends will always be there for you. Don’t worry about the fakes. Worry about the people who had your back from the start and never treated you wrong. Always remember they are your real friends. Don’t ever take them for granted because one day you’re going to lose a good friend by the way your actions are. When you see a good friend stick to that person.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don’t say.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

The most memorable people in life will be the friends who loved you even when you weren’t very lovable.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Strangers think I’m quiet. My friends think I’m outgoing. My best friends think I’m completely insane.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

In life you never lose friends you just find out who your real ones are.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Friends are like boobs. Some are big. Some are small. Some are real. Some are fake.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Friendship isn’t about being inseparable it’s about being separated and knowing nothing will change.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Become my friend for me and my personality not for how popular I am or how much money I have.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

A true friend is someone who never gets bored of listening to your pointless dramas over…and over again.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Friendship is like peeing your pants. Everyone can see it but only you can feel it.

Apr 10 2011

Good Morning Sms Collection 2011

Good Morning Sms Collection 2011

good morning  sms good morning  messages good morning  jokes latest good morning  jokes new good morning  sms new good morning  jokes new good morning  messagesgood morning  funny sms.

Good Morning Messages

Ibtida Ho Kuch Is Tarha Se Tere Naam K Sath.
~*~ Ae ALLAH ~*~
K Din Guzar Jay Teri Rehmaton K Nazool Mein.
Subha-Ba-Khair !

Good Morning Messages

For a nice friend
“nice morning”..
For a sweet friend
“sweet morning”
For a loving friend
“lovely morning”
For a Good friend
“good morning”

Good Morning Messages

is a good time to REMEMBER
all the sweet things &
all sweet persons in your LIFE
so wake up with your

Good Morning Messages

.:!i!i!:. Sörry
(”.)!i!i!i!i!i:. Mera
¿J ¿J ¿J Kachwa
Låtè Ho Gya

I wåñtèd Tø Wìsh Ü *Gööd Ñìght*..
Büt Hè Wålkèd Tö S£øw

G¤¤d M¤rning

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Apr 02 2011

“Friendship Often Ends In Love">Friendship Often Ends In Love

Friendship often ends in love;
but love ends in friendship – NEVER.

Apr 02 2011

Roses Are Exclusively For A Nice Person

Roses are exclusively for
a nice person like U
from a simple person like ME
keep this rose until they DRY
but keep my friendship untill I DIE.

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Apr 02 2011


-Kaho to do lafz
-Mano to bandgi
-Socho to gehra sagar
-Dubo to zindagi
-Karo to aasan
-Nibhao to muskil
-Bikhre to sara zamana
-Simte to Sirf Aap.

Apr 02 2011



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Dec 12 2012

’ Sms Messages">Christmas 201 Sms Messages

  • In this X-mas:::
    In the daytime if sun shine so-
    shall Ur expectations come true-
    At night when moon comes-
    out so shall U receive blesses-
    then if rain fall so shall it-
    going to carry all your problem away from U-
    Happy Merry Christmas-
  • Two things:::
    Two things upon this changing-
    earth can neither change nor end-
    the splendor of Christ’s humble birth-
    the love of friend for friend-
    Happy Christmas day-
  • Christmas gift::::
    Christmas gift suggestions-
    To your enemy forgiveness-
    To an opponent tolerance-
    To a friend your heart-
    To a customer service-
    To all charity-
    To every child-
    a good example-
    To yourself-
Apr 02 2011

Piyar Ka Pehela Akshar Adhura Hai

Maana ke “pyaar” ka pehela akshar adhura hai.
Lekin “P”ko nikal do to “yar” reh jata hai.
Aur aap jaise yar ho to zindagi se bhi pyar ho jata hai.

Apr 02 2011

I Miss My Friends

I miss my friends..

Bcz……They open their ansr sheet during papr & sayLe chap le jldi wrna latak jyga..

Apna homwrk kr k copy dety or kehtykal homwrk kr lena wrna sir clas se nikal dngy..

Cafe me break k wkt apni plate mjhy dete hue khtyLe kha.Apne pese qabar me lejana..

Jb lrai hoti to dusri desk pe bthty or kehteDost dost na rha pyar pyar na rha..

Last day ankhon me nami or hoton pe sawalTu mjhy bhol to nhi jyga na?

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Apr 02 2011

Ek Din Pucha Muskurahat Ne Humse

Ek din pucha muskurahat ne humse
har pal hame kyu bulate ho?

Humne kaha hum yaad DOST ko karte hy
tum na jane kahan se chale aate ho!…..

Sep 19 2011


Larki Aquarium Ko Dekh K Boli-
‘Machaliya Itni khubsurt Q Hoti Hai’
‘Q K Wo KAPRE Nahi Pehenti’