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Aug 19 2010

Each Indian Women

Each indian women iz
ranii laxmee bai
Be 4 marriage ranii
After few yrs of marriage laxmee
n after kids born she iz just bai

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Apr 29 2011

Indian Women Sms

Indian Women Sms

Q. Why do indian women wear red dots on their foreheads?
A. Well in ancient times Indian men used to practice archery skills by aiming at their wifes red dot. In fact that is one of the reasons why they had many wives. You see once they mastered the art of archery and hit the target..

Apr 05 2011

An Old Indian

An old Indian was standing on the corner. A good-looking woman passed by on the way to work. The Indian raised his hand in greeting and said “Chance!”
The same thing happened several days in a row. The woman would walk past the Indian would raise his hand and say “Chance!”
Finally one day she couldn’t ignore it any longer. So she stopped and asked “You’re an Indian aren’t you?”
He nodded.
She said “I always thought Indians said ‘How!’ as a greeting.”
Indian said “Already know ‘how’. Just want ‘chance’.”

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Jan 22 2012

’ Poems">Indian Republic Day 201 Poems

  • Indian Republic Day Poem (English) – 1
    O MY India!
    “O My Nation My India”
    Wants to worship you
    Wants to be stuck on you
    Everything which is mine
    Wants to sacrifice on you
    Way of life it amid you
    Name of your strength me
    Fame of your arrogant me
    How I am gratitude to god
    That he gave birth on the
    Planet of your “O India”
    I always feel to be proud
    That you give me a peaceful
    Place in your heart “O India”
    Always salute you!
    Always salute you!
    Vande Matram
  • Indian Republic Day Poem (Hindi) – 2
    Karo yaad tum oon veeron ko
    jinki sarhad par jaan gayi.
    karo yaad oon baalaon ko
    jinki iss ran mein aan gayi.
    karo yaad oon mataaon ko
    jinke apane priya sut khoye.
    karo yaad oon behano ko
    jo rakshabandhan par sheyein.
    lahoo baha kar simaaon par
    aman chain ka fool khilaaya.
    apane praano ki bali dekar
    Bharat maa ka maan badhaya.
    sarahad par mar mitane waale
    ajar amar sab ho jayenge
    mar ka bhi hum inn veeron ka
    kaise karz chuka paayenge.
  • Indian Republic Day Poem (English) -3
    Color my heart into tricolor
    Left one with orange
    Gives me courage and trained me to do sacrifice
    Right one is filled with green
    Have faith and make others one
    Where ever when I go the taste of happiness
    Always found
    And O God please fills
    White into middle
    that I can passage a feast of
    Calm and peace
    And never let down to any one in my reach
    Please fill these tricolors on me
    Please fill this tricolor on me
    Vande Matram
    -Sujata Mishra
    Happy Republic Day

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Apr 29 2011

Indian Women Messages

Indian Women Messages

Indian Women have a passion for mathematics.

They divide their age in half
Double the price of their clothes
Always add at least five years to the age of their best friend…. ;->

Jun 23 2011

Aunty Sms

Muje to Express News Wali aunty se dar lgta hy Faraz

Kehti Hy:







Jo Sab Chupaty HainWo Hum Dikhaty Hain..

Tauba .. Tauba

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Apr 05 2011

An Indian Girl Married

An Indian girl married a French man.
And went to Paris. She didnt know French.
If sha went to buy leg piece of chicken.
She did life her skirt and show her leg.
This went on for some days.
Once she went too buy banana.
She took her husband along with her.

You know why ?.

He knew french !.
God bless your mind.

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Apr 29 2011

Indian Women Quotes

Indian Women Quotes

Whn Women Love Us
They 4give Us Evrything
Even Our Crimes…
When They Dun Love Us
They Blame Us For Evrythng
Which V Din’t Do Even … ;->

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Apr 29 2011

Indian Women Wishes

Indian Women Wishes

Difference B/w The Memories Of A Woman & Man

A woman will always cherish the memory of the man who wanted to marry her.
A man cherishes the memory of the woman he didn’t marry…. ;->

Apr 05 2011

Each Indian Women

Each indian women iz
ranii laxmee bai
Be 4 marriage ranii
After few yrs of marriage laxmee
n after kids born she iz just bai

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Oct 20 2011

I Am Proud To Be An Indian

I am proud to be an indian and i also love my country because it gives me all the charming and good thoughts to contain my life in right wayand give me lesson that how can i serve my life to save and protect itmay God protect my country….

Oct 20 2011

Be Proud To Be An Indian

31 States
1618 Languages
6400 Castes
6 Religion
6 Ethnic Groups
29 Major festivals
& 1 Country!
Be Proud to be an Indian!..
Happy Independence Day���

Mar 27 2012

After Accident American British Pakistani And Indian

After Accident:
American: Its Fine Man…

British: I am So Sorry…

Australia: No Worries Dude…

Germany: Are You Oĸay?

PAkistani and Indian: Andha hai kya
saale dhakkan ki tarha
chala raha hai
akkal ke dushman..
tere baap ki road hai kya
bahar nikal dekh teri
kaise bajata hun… :P

Sep 19 2011

GIRLFRIEND Kitni Hi Khubsurat Ho

Teri GIRLFRIEND Chahe Kitni Hi Khubsurat Ho.
Par Wo…

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Apr 02 2011

Itna Khubsurat Kaise Muskura Lete Ho

Itna khubsurat kaise muskura lete ho..
itna kaatil kaise sharma lete ho..
kitni aasani se JAAN le lete ho..
kisine sikhaya hai ya bachpan se hi stupid ho!

Oct 20 2011

Every Indian Women

Every indian women is
“rani laxmi bai”
B 4 marriage ‘rani’
A few yrs after marriage ‘laxmi’
& after kids r born she is just ‘bai’

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Oct 20 2011

The Same Thing Happened

An old Indian was standing on the corner. A good-looking woman passed by on the way to work. The Indian raised his hand in greeting and said “Chance!”
The same thing happened several days in a row. The woman would walk past the Indian would raise his hand and say “Chance!”
Finally one day she couldn’t ignore it any longer. So she stopped and asked “You’re an Indian aren’t you?”
He nodded.
She said “I always thought Indians said ‘How!’ as a greeting.”
Indian said “Already know ‘how’. Just want ‘chance’.”

Oct 20 2011

Indian Flage | Independence Day Sms

Independence Day Quotes|Independence Day 2009| Independence Day Independence Day Greetings| Independence Day Sms Hindi

Here is all types of happy independence day sms collection so enjoy here


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Oct 20 2011

Other Might Have Forgotten

Happy India

Other might have forgotten
But never can i
The Flag of my country
Furls very high
Happy Independence day of India 2010..


Jul 14 2011

Subha Bakhair


!"Logon Ko


!"Subha Ka


!"DIL Ki Taraf Se

!" Khubsurat

!" pyar

Assalam-O-Alaikum !

Subha! !Bakhair!

Jul 19 2011

If A Woman Has To Choose Between

If a woman has to choose between

catching a fly ball and saving an infants life

she will choose to save the infants life without even considering if there are men on base.

~Dave Barry~

Mar 16 2012

We Love Sachin Tendulkar

100 reasons why we love Sachin Tendulkar

1. He has always made India proud
2. He has countless records
3. He is a great ambassador of the game
4. His career has been controversy free
5. He has the most selfless game
6. He makes a century whenever we ask him to
7. He is going to win us the World Cup
8. He is a great role model
9. He has sacrificed his personal life for his country
10. He has never sledged against any other player
11. Of his self-effacing modesty
1. Of his love for the game for the country
1. He puts his country above himself
14. He says he is an Indian and not just a Marathi manoos
15. He always respects his parents and coach
16. He has never endorsed alcohol and tobacco products
17. He has entertained us for over 2 decades
18. He has always believed in hard work and not shortcuts
19. He has given the game and country whatever he could
20. He is the best batsman in the world
21. He sponsors 200 underprivileged children every year
2. Of the social causes he supports
2. He raised Rs 1.0 cr via twitter only in a few days for the Crusade against Cancer foundation
24. He is simply a treat to watch
25. He has changed the face of Indian cricket
26. He can bowl leg break off break and medium-pace
27. He is the greatest wizards of the willow
28. The word pressure does not exist in his dictionary
29. He is a great team mentor
30. He silences his critics only with the bat
31. He doesn’t want to retire anytime soon
3. Bradman was reminded of his own game by Sachin
3. Brian Lara thinks Sachin is the best batsman
34. He is the only player to score a 200 in ODIs
35. Wisden ranked him the second greatest Test batsman of all time behind Donald Bradman
36. Only he has scored 50 centuries in Tests
37. He is the only player to score a century in all three of his Ranji TrophyDuleep Trophy and Irani Trophy debuts
38. He was the leading run scorer in the 1996& 200 world cups
39. He has proven that cricket is a ‘gentleman’s game’
40. He is a living legend in the cricketing fraternity
41. He is the only batsman in the world to torment Australia
4. He has scored centuries against all test playing nations
4. He was the first overseas cricketer to play for Yorkshire
44. He was gifted the Ferrari 360 Modena by Fiat through Michael Schumacher
45. He has won the most number of man of series and the man of matches in ODIs
46. He scored a century at Perth when he was 18 when all the other batsmen struggled
47. Of his never say die spirit
48. Of his insatiable hunger for runs and victory
49. His desire to dominate the opponent
50. Of his commitment and dedication for his team and country
51. He never shows disrespect to the national flag
5. He is the Einstein of cricket
5. He is responsible for making cricket a religion in India
54. He was named by Sir Don Bradman in his dream team of all time
55. He has the most number of runs in ODIs
56. He has the highest number of centuries in ODIs
57. He was the first one to make 10000 runs in ODIs
58. He is the highest run scorer in world cups
59. He is the only player to be in top 10 ICC ranking for 10 years
60. He is the only cricketer to win the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Arjuna Award and the Padma Shri
61. Time magazine named him as one of the Asian Heroes in November 2006
6. He has not let his stardom affect his nature
6. Encourages youngsters of other countries also
64. He can play all the shots that exist in a book of cricket
65. He is calm and composed on and off the field
66. He is compassionate
67. He is has an impish smile
68. No matter what his age he will always look and talk like a kid
69. He is respected by all bowlers of all eras
70. He won the Man of the Series award in the 200 world cup
71. He remembers all of his test dismissals
7. He autographs with his left hand even if he is right handed
7. He fielded for Pakistan as a substitute during a practice match against India at Brabourne Stadium in 1988 showing his love for the game
74. Being 5’5” he can smash even the tallest bowlers of the world
75. He has the most number of fifties in ODIs
76. His most man of the match awards are against Australia
77. He has played in 90 different grounds across the world
78. He has inspired and will continue to inspire youngsters day after day
79. He was honoured with the rank of Group Captain by the Indian Air Force
80. If you meet him he will not refuse to give you an autograph
81. He always looks up towards the sky after scoring a 50 or 100
8. The way he balances his professional and personal life
8. He is one of the most down to earth cricketers
84. He never forgets to thank his teachers and coaches who played an important role in his life
85. He plays for his country and not for money
86. He does not put himself above the game
87. He has never been a part of any controversy
88. He has always been a great father and family man
89. He is one of the highest respected cricketers in the world
90. He has a stand named after him at the Wankhede Stadium
91. He captained his IPL team Mumbai Indians to the finals in 2010
9. He played a match winning innings against Pakistan in the 200 World Cup
9. He carries the hoped of a billion fans on his shoulders
94. He has the largest fan following in the country
95. He surely deserves the Bharat Ratna at the age of 37
96. He plays the sport in the right spirit
97. He considers the victory of his team primary and his personal records secondary
98. He is going to score his hundredth 100 soon
100. He is responsible for making cricket a religion in India

Apr 10 2012

Remix From Jannat Movie

Remix From Jannat Movie:
Char Dino Ka Exam O Rabba
Lambi Padhai
Lambi Padhai

Padhne Mein Dil Mera Lage Kahi Na
Padhne Se Jaan Meri Jaye Humesha
Kitne Zamane Baad O Rabba
Tution Lagaya
Tution Lagaya

Soya Raha Mai
Class Me Apni
Teacher Se Roz Roz Pit Ke Aaya
Kitna Pita Hu
Sooj Gaya Hu
Khelna-Kudna Bhul Gaya Hu

Char Dino Ka Exam O Rabba
Lambi Padhai.

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Jun 23 2011

Jhalak Dikhlaja Jhalak Dikhlaja

1 lrka 1 larki ko window se ishara kr k bola

jhalak dikhlaja jhalak dikhlaja

larki chapal utar k boli

1 bar aja aja aja ajaaa ja.

Oct 20 2011

Ghari Aur Biwi Main Kia Farq Hai

Ghari aur biwi main kia farq hai?
ek bigarti hai to band hojati hai aur doosri bigarti hai to chaaloo hojati hai.”

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Oct 20 2011

You See So Many People

You see so many people so many cultures and creeds in India that it almost looks like India itself has her own world. So much diversities that moving from one corner in India to another will make you to experience complete transform in your surroundings yet with so many diversities it shares common interest ie. respect and belief for the Nation !

Oct 22 2011

Nach SHELA Nach


Ab Ye Nachygi
Nach SHELA Nach!
Nachi Kya?
SHELA Sasty Mobile Par Nahi Nachti.

Oct 20 2011

Suhag Raat K Baad

Suhag raat k baad husband ne apni wife se pucha k kal raat ko kya mahsus kiya? to wife ne kaha 5 Percnt sharam 5 Prcnt dard or 90 Percnt purani yadien

Apr 05 2011

A Successful MAN

A Successful MAN Is One Who Makes More Money
Than HIS Wife Can Spend A Successful Woman Is
One Who Can Find Such A Man

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Oct 20 2011

Azade Kay Din

Azade kay din pr mri dua haik ALLAH ap ko Quaid ke akalIqbal ki shakl Liaqat ki sherwane Fatima ki jwani Nehru ki chal or gandi ji ky baal dy Happy Independence Day

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Jul 21 2011

The World Learned The Power Of Nonviolent

The world learned the power of nonviolent

protest as Gandhi lead the diverse peoples of India in a struggle for home rule.

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Oct 20 2011

Independence Day Is An Important Day

Independence Day is an important day for every American. On this day several Americans pledge to be loyal to their lovable country and fight for the cause that fetches positive benefit for their country.

Happy Independence day

Oct 20 2011

Touch My Heart

Touch my heart & u will feel
Listen to my heart & u will hear
Look into my heart & u will see that
U will alwayz be a special part of me.

Oct 20 2011

Bharat K Nikammo

Aazad bharat k nikammo.kal agar valntine day hota to aj se hi msg ki line lag jati..Ab kaam band karo aur sabko msg karo..Happy Independence Day advance mai.ok. N.S

Oct 20 2011

Freedom Has Its Life

Happy India

Freedom has its life in the hearts the actions the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed – else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots it will wither and die. ~Dwight D. Eisenhower


Jul 15 2011



1 aunty thi

Unki 1 beti thi

Wo apni beti ki bohat care krti thi

Bal swarti thi

Poniyan bandhti thi k bachi achi dikhe

Pr bchi ki aankhein humesha bahr rehti thi

Aisay (0_0)

Aunty ne bohat doctors ko dikhaya lekin wo sahi nhi hui

Phir aik baba ko dikhaya to wo aik minute me sahi ho gae

Log bohat heran hue or baba se pocha k apne aisa kia kya tha k wo sahi ho gai?

Baba ne kaha:



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Jul 12 2011




Jazbat INSAN k LiyE


Duniya k LiyE

WO khubsurat DUNIYA Ap k LiyE




(Good mornig)

Jul 16 2011

Faraz Kehty Hen

Faraz Kehty Hyn …

Ab Tou Khubsurat Larki
Ko Dekh k Hoti Hy

Ab Tou Khubsurat Larki
Ko Dekh k Hoti Hy

Kahiin Wo Bhi Na
Keh De


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Jan 15 2012

Meaningful Republic Day Quotes

  • Wish You All Indian
    you must have long term goals to keep you from being
    frustrated by short term failures Wish You All Indian Very
    Happy Republic Day
  • Happy Republic Day
    No government on earth can make men who have realized
    freedom in their hearts salute against their will. *Mahatma Gandhi*
    Happy Republic Day
  • Chak Day India
    knowing is not enough we must apply
    Willing is not enough we must do’
    Chak Day Ho Chak Day India Happy Republic Day India
  • Im Wishing U
    You can have everything in life that you want if you just
    give enough other people what they want.
    Stay alive for India…
    Im Wishing U Very Happy Republic Day
  • When You Go 
    It’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you.
    It’s what you leave behind you when you go
    Gud Luk For Republic Day
Oct 20 2011

At Least I Know

And I’m proud to be a Indian
where at least I know I’m free.
And I won’t forget the men who died
who gave that right to me.


First of all……A very Happy Independence Day. Its the 60th year of Indian Independence Celebration day. I just wanted to scribble here some of the defining moments mainly that happens on Independence Day. These defining moments are not those that are getting campaigned by CNN-IBC news Channel.

When we were in schools we use to get things ready for celebration before 2-3 days of Independence Day .Having white ribbons ready for both the wrists getting washed the white canvas shoes asking mom to wash our white clothes to make it white. Names of those students are listed before itself who are going to give speech on the intended occasion. This will always be a real fun… students will be in full josh giving their names for speech but what to do after that? Ask our elders to prepare some speech content either on Subhash Chandra Bose Mahatma Gandhi or any famous freedom fighters. Then start gutting it all the time whole the day. Querying the teacher whether we can carry the chit and read it there? or we have to deliver the speech instantly? The preparation phase of the speech makes any other activities at home completely joyless.

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Oct 22 2011

IPL Dekh Kar Jal Rahe Ho Gay

Tum log IPL dekh kar jal rahe ho gay na t.v pr?
ha ha ha ha nai g
Saady han te light e nahi hundi.

Apr 03 2011

Loved Indians

Loved Indians
Let us celebrate & enjoy the freedom to live
independently in our country Cheerfully
HelpfullyHopefullyPeacefullu by remembering
our National Heroes who gave us Freedom after suffering pain & humilation.
A Proud Indian – Sandeep Volker

Jan 17 2012

’ Greetings Sms In Hindi">Republic Day 201 Greetings Sms In Hindi

Republic Day 201 Greetings / Messages

1. 31 States

1618 Languages
6400 Castes
6 Religions
6 Ethnic Groups
29 Major Festivals
1 Country!
Be Proud To Be An Indian!…
Great Republic…
Happy Republic Day 2012

2. Happy republic day 201!
On d eve of 60th REPUBLIC DAY
lets salute & remember d soldiers
who sacrificed their lives to protect our nation..

3. Aao jhuk kar salam kare unko
jinke hisse me ye mukam aata hai
khusnasib hota hai wo khoon
jo desh ke kaam aata hai

Oct 22 2011

Last Night A Star Said 2 Me

Last night a star said 2 me
Y do u msg those people which dont miss & msg u?
I looked up and said
Kaka apna kam kar
Star ban
Star Plus di sass na ban.

Mar 10 2012

Obama Having Tea With Dr.Kalam

Obama was having tea with Dr.Kalam.
Obama said Sugar is only word in which S is
pronounced as SH Dr.Kalam asked

Are you Sure

Indians Rock

Oct 20 2011

Your Dad Paying The Bill

Wife: yesterday-night I saw a dream
That u were sending me
Jewelry and clothes!
Husband: yeah I saw
your dad paying the bill !

Oct 20 2011

India Is The Cradle Of The Human

India is the cradle of the human race the birthplace of human speech the mother of history the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most astrictive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only!”

Oct 20 2011

Concerned Person

Love someone? Convey it to the concerned person using the latest in technology and fashion. Humans through history have used different methods to convey their love to their loved ones. Letters songs messengers pigeons etc. several methods have been used through ages by people.

Oct 20 2011

This Was Supposed

Y’know this was supposed to be my weekend off but noooo. You got me out here draggin’ your heavy ass through the burnin’ desert with your dreadlocks stickin’ out the back of my parachute. You gotta come down here with an attitude actin’ all big and bad.

Oct 20 2011

So Far As I Am Able To Judge

So far as I am able to judge nothing has been left undone either by man or nature to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten nothing overlooked.

Oct 20 2011

Your Horse PHONED

A Wife hit her Husband with a Frying Pan.
Husband:What was THAT for?
Wife:I found a paper in your pocket with the name Jenny on it.
Husband:I played RACE last week and Jenny was the name of my HORSE.
Next day the Wife hit him with the Frying Pan AGAIN!
Wife:Your Horse PHONED!

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Apr 05 2011


HARD-DISK woman:
She remembers everything FOREVER.

RAM woman:
She forgets about you the moment you turn her off.

Difficult to access.

SERVER woman:
Always busy when you need her.

CD-ROM woman:
She is always faster and faster.

EMAIL woman:
Every ten things she says eight are nonsense.

VIRUS woman:
Also called “wife”; when you are not expecting her she c

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Oct 20 2011

At The Dawn Of History India

Happy India

At the dawn of history India started on her unending quest and trackless centuries are filled with her striving and the grandeur of her success and her failures. Through good and ill fortune alike she has never lost sight of that quest or forgotten the ideals which gave her strength

happy india

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Oct 20 2011

Pray To Allah Almighty

Pray to Allah Almighty
And show some faith n dignity
Quran be at your side
Islam giving you a pride
Sunnah be a light for you
That will glow and let you do
All the acts to make you feel
Nothing but this land is real.

Apr 05 2011

Women Are Different From Men

Women are different frm men:
Dey look gud in skirts or shorts!
Ders Womens Day but no mens Day.
Dey can be sure dat d baby is theirs. Men cant.
Women can cry n still look good.
When men cry they look like dorks.
Most of all
women know d difference between a comfort room & a wall ..

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Oct 20 2011

Marchmill Looked Long

Marchmill looked long and musingly at the hair and portrait for something struck him. Fetching the little boy who had been the death of his mother now a noisy toddler he took him on his knee held the lock of hair against the child’s head and set up the photograph on the table behind so that he could closely compare the features each countenance presented. By a known but inexplicable trick of Nature there were undoubtedly strong traces of resemblance to the man Ella had never seen; the dreamy and peculiar expression of the poet’s face sat as the transmitted idea upon the child’s and the hair was of the same hue. “I’m damned if I didn’t think so!” murmured Marchmill. “Then she did play me false with that fellow at the lodgings! Let me see: the dates – the second week in August . . . the third week in May. . . . Yes . . . yes. . . . Get away you poor little brat! You are nothing to me!”

Oct 20 2011

Hamare Dil Mein Hain

Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna Ab Hamare Dil Mein HainDekhna Hai Jor Kitna Bajoo-A-Katil Mein Hain. Happy Independence Day!

Oct 20 2011

Because No Phone Numbers

Q. Y iz da book ‘Women Who Love 2 Much’
a disappointment for many men?
A. Because No phone numbers are available in that.

Feb 15 2012

Misbah Ul Haq Ki Bating

Samjh aayi?
Itni jaldi bhool gaye Misbah ul haq ki bating?




Arey Bhai Koi Mujhy Pehlay To Batata
Ke Aj One Day Hai Test Match Nahi

Aunty Misbah Ul Haq

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Oct 20 2011

An Old Woman Calling

A old woman calling her Husband Sunil Nehaal AjayYash Anil
1 larki bolee aunty ap ab be apnay husband se itna pyaar karti hain
jo unhay itnay pyaray naamon se bula ri hain.
Old womanman! Ni darasal kambakat ka naam yaad ni is leye atne naam try kar rahee hon.