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May 24 2011

Boys Vs Girls Text Sms Messages

There are many nice sms and jokes about boys vs girls short text messages. Here you will find out Boys & Girls lyricshindi boy vs girls sms larka vs larki sms boys vs girls compitition boys and girls short stories boys or girls messages/msgs Hindi boys like girls hot girls sms guys and girls conversation english boys vs girls sms boys & girls greetings boys vs girls chit chat boys vs girls fight boys in girls hostel sms urdu BOY VS GIRLS text sms urdu boys and girls sms its not enough you can also find here funny conversations and dialogs between boys and girls on very interesting topic. We hope that you will enjoy our collection.

To Get Boys Vs Girls Sms Collection Click Here:

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Feb 18 2012


There are basically 7 TYPES OF GIRLS.

1. HARD DISK Girls:
Remember everything forever. 8)
2. RAM Girls:
Forgets about you the moment you turn her off. :/

Just for looking. :*

4. INTERNET Girls:
Difficult to access. :v

5. SERVER Girls:
Always busy when needed. >:(

Makes horrible things looks beautiful.

7. VIRUS Girls :
These type of girls are normally called WIFE
once enters in your system dont leave even after format. ;)

Sep 19 2011

70% GIRLS Sweet Hoti Hain

70% GIRLS Sweet hoti hain
75% Beautiful
85% intelligent
90% Masum
100% Pyari hoti hain.
KuL MiLa KaR
70+75+85+90+100=sub girls 420 hoti hain.

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Apr 21 2011

Exclusive Dating Tips Collection For Girls 2011

Fresh And Exclusive Dating Tips Collection For Girls 2011

Boys may not like to show it but we like to know that we are wanted and needed aswell.Boys like little suprises just as much as you infact were not alot different they like to be touched and told how much u care always be honest with each other and communication is the key to any good relationship make sure u talk about what makes u happy and any problems or fears they like to meet your firends wether there male or female althought they dont like to hear how great or sweet your other male friend is.. ;-)

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Sep 19 2011

Awareness For Girls

Awareness 4 girls
Nail polish lgatay huay ye bat zehan mai rakhni chahye
zindagi ka kuch pta nahi.
agr kisi waqt b maut aajati hy
or nail polish lagi hoto yaad rakho wo mitte gi nahe.
marne k baad q k human body thandi ho jati hy
to koe solution nailpolsh remove nahi kr sakta.
Or nail polish na utrny se apka ghusal nahi hoga
or is surat mein ap najis he dafan hon gay.
so plz avoid nail polish.

May 29 2011

Boys Vs Girls Jokes

Boys Vs Girls jokes

Classical Beizzati..!

Larka Thoker Lagny Se Gadhy K Paaon Mein Jaa Gira

Paas Se Guzarti Hui Larki Boli:

Barey Bhai K Paon Choo Rahy Ho?

Larka: G Bhabi.

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Jul 11 2011

Boys Get Mad Easily

Boys get mad easily but usually do not show it.
Girls get sad easily and can cry like crazy! …
Boys care about the quantity of love!.
Girls care about the quality of love …
Boys can forget but can not forgive.
Girls can forgive but can not forget! …
Boys can never reject a girl’s add friend request
But girls often reject it just to feel powerful!
Boys prefer the phrase Boys vs Girls
Girls INSIST on saying Girls vs Boys ! face-smile.png

Jun 14 2011

Boys VS Girls

Boy friend (Boht romantic andaz me): dekho main tmhari zulfoon ke liye kiya laya

Girl friend:Kiya?

boy friend:breek kangi.

Jun 14 2011

Boys Vs Girls Sms

Larka: Friendship kro gi?

Larki: Nhi mere parents ijazat nhi detey

Larka: Bri gal kiti a

te mere maa peyo ne kera menu bachi phasan da diploma le k ditta ae!

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Jul 17 2011

Pakistan Me 4000 Girls

“Pakistan” me

4000 Girls

Hart Atack Se Mr Gai OR

700 Girls Behosh Hogai

480 Ne Khudksi

Krli 350 Ki Halat Nazuk Hai

Q k

Kisi Kaminay Ne Jhoti Afwah Phela Di K

(Shazad Khan Bungush)

ki shadi ho ge hai..

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Apr 08 2011

I Think They Are From MARS


boys think that girls R lazy
but actually they R the one

they think they R the HEROES
but actually they R the ZEROS!

GIRLS R always the FIRST
& boys R the WORST!

boys have no MIND
& were not at all KIND!

they always think about CARS

I think they R from MARS!

they say GIRLS always CRY
actually there own minds R DRY!

GIRLS always get better marks in a test
because GIRLS R really the BEST

Apr 01 2011

Girls Are Like Ferrari Cars

A Golden Quote By Michael Schumacher

Girls Are Like Ferrari Cars.

They Are Good To See

And Feel

Difficult To

Own And Maintain.

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Jun 21 2011

Comparison Of Girls And Boys

Ye Dunya sirf

larkiyon k liye hai

Larki zor se hansay to Khubsoorati

Larka zor se hansay to Gadha

Agar larki meetha bolay to pyari lagay

Larka meetha bolay to faradiya

Larki shoping kare to riwaaj

Larka shoping kare to haraam de paise jo hoey

Larki khamosh rahay to gamgeen

Larka khamosh rahay to tenu ki maut pay gai ay

Larkiyan mil k chalen to Group

Larkay mil k chalen to Bagairtan da tola


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Apr 08 2011

Girls Have A Bigger Left Breast

Why do 90%
of the girls have a bigger left breast ?

) (
( .)( . )
) (


90% of the
boys are
right handed..

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Apr 08 2011

Teacher In Girls Class

Teacher in girls class.

Here are 2 meanings of every sentence.

Girl: Well than show us.

Teacher: Don’t ask it also have 2 meanings.

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Jul 09 2011

Now A Days Girls Are Crazy About 4 Things

Now A Days Girls Are Crazy About 4 Things

1. Make Up
2. Mobile Phones
3. Shopping
4. Shahzad Khan

Now Dont Edit And Write Your Name

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Oct 20 2011

World Without Girls

Imagine World Without Girls Roads Sunsan Markets Viraan Na Janu Na Jan Na Koi Girl Friend K Liye Pareshan Bus Namaz & Quran & Saare Larke Direct Jannat Ul.

Apr 05 2011

Ladka Girls Hostel Mein Gaya

Impact of Movies:

Teacher :- Who is Mahatma Gandhi?

Student:- He is the one who helped
Munna Bhai to impress his girlfriend!

PRINCIPAL: Agar koi ladka girls hostel mein

gaya toh first time 100 Rs fine

2nd time 200 Rs. Fine and 3rd time 500.

MUNNA BHAI: Monthly paas ka kya lega Mamu

Apr 02 2011

Five Most Undefined Things Of Girls

5 most undefined things of girls

1) aap na bahut wo ho

(now what the hell is woh) =)

2) Mujhe apse ye umeed nahi thi

(no one will ever know what was their umeed) :/

3) ap pehle jaise nahi rahay

(they will themselves change u as time passes and then throw this dialogue) >:O

4) Sach btana mai kaisi lag rahi hun

(do dey really mean when they say sach batana) =D

5) I am very selfish na

(and they want you to say no dear u r not)

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Apr 05 2011

Why Do Girls Close Their Eyes

Question : Why do girls close
their eyes while kissing a guy?
Answer : Yeh ladkiyan ladkon
ko kabhi khush nahi dekh sakti.

Mar 31 2013

’ Messages For Boys And Girls">1st April 201 Messages For Boys And Girls

4 Roses Just For You!
1st For Friendship.
2nd For Wealth.
3rd For Happiness.
And The Last One..
Kaan Ke Upar Laga Lena Mast Lagega.

April Fool

Apr 01 2011

Why Boys Are So Careless

Why boys are so careless and irresponsible?
Coz they know that somewhere
a sweet and innocent girl
is learning to be responsible for them.

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Apr 01 2011

Balance Bhejwa

Larki : Balance bhejwa
Larka : Paise Nahi
Larki : Kaise Nahi
Larka : Mehangai Hai
Larki :
Phir aaj se Tu mera Bhai Hai.

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Apr 01 2011



A girl got first class in B.Ed exam…!

Her excited Boyfriend sent SMS To her father

“Your daughter is first class in BED”

Father fainted

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Apr 01 2011

A Boy Was Going With His Girlfriend

A Boy Was Going With His Girlfriend

Friend Asked : Who Is She?

Boy : My Cousin.

The Friend Said: Last Year She Was My Cousin.!

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Oct 22 2011

2 Larkiyan Jhagar Rahi Then

Rastay main khari
2 larkiyan jhagar rahi then
Main je tenu thapar maarya na tu Amrika ja k digen gi
Main jai tenu thapar maarya te tu ‘U.K’ ja digen gi
Qareeb se 1 marasi guzar raha tha
ruk kar bola
Baji 1 choti jai muki menu v maar dayo
main naal walay pind jana aa.

Mar 09 2012

Ladki Ko Haseen Banaya

Aye Khuda

Tu Ne

Ladki ko haseen banaya

Khubsurti di

Resham jaise baal

Hirni si aankhain

Gulab se hont

Pyar bhara dill



Phir ye Zuban

Ne sab kuch kharab kar dya….:p :D

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Jul 09 2011

Girl Is Suit Ki Kiya Price Hai

Girl: Is suit ki kiya price hai?

Dukandaar: 1500

Girl: Uff

or wo pink waly ki price kya hai?

Dukandar: uff+uff

;-) Yääriän;-)

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Aug 25 2011

Meri Ek Ek Saans Pe Ek Ek Larka Marta Ha

Girl : Meri Ek Ek Saans Pe Ek Ek
Larka Marta Ha

Boy : To Tum Koi Acha Sa Toothpaste
Use Kyun Nahi Karti . . . :p

Apr 01 2011

Kya Tum Meri Salary Mein Guzara Kar Logi

Boyfriend : kya tum meri salary mein guzara kar logi..?

Girlfriend : Mein toh guzara kar lungi? par tumhara kya hoga..

Apr 01 2011


Was Like A Boy Playing Chess …
Always Afraid Of Losing His QUEEN
And A Girl Risking Everything Just
To Protect Her KING

Feb 29 2012

Ladki Ki Diary Ka 1 Page

Ladki Ki Diary Ka 1 Page:
Ishq Aik Phool Hai Jis Ka Beej Dard Aur Iski Zameen Almiyaa Hai.. Jab Tak Is Sar-Zameen Par Na-Kaami Ki Barish Na Ho Na Beej Phootta Hai Na Zameen Baar-Aawar Ho Kar Fassal Deti Hai.. Ishq Ki Mairaaj Khud-Faramoshi Hi Se Haasil Ho Sakti Hai…
Diary Ka 1 Aur Page:
Gobhi 1 Kilo
Tematar Adha Kilo
Dhobi Ka Bill
Bachchon Ki Fees
Sink Ki Jaali
Mortein (Cockroach Wala)
Aalia K Pamper
Qarshi Ispaghol
Panadol (2 Packet)
Saas Ko Call
Nasreen Khala Ko Birthday Wish
2 Burger (Anday Wale)
Blue Band
30 Rupe Ka Easy Load

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Oct 22 2011

Larki Dosri Larki Se

Larki dosri larki se
Yaar ye hands0me larkay kaisay hotay hain?
2nd Larki:
Lay tu “Yasir” ni wekhya?

Mar 19 2012

Agar Ladkyon Ke Pass Jadu Hota To

Agar ladkyon ke pass Jadu hota to wo kya karain gi?


1. Ek time main 100 boyfriend rakhin gi

2.Puri dunya ki shoping

3. Sab se zyada khubsurat ban jatin

4. Ya phir ek he boy ke sath life guzarti

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Sep 19 2011

Larkion K TOP 10 JHOOT

Larkiu k TOP 10 JHOOT:
1. I miss u.
2. Mujhe jhoot se sakht nafrat hay.
3. Maney aj tak kisi se itni lambi baat nahi ki.
4. cousin ki call thi.
5. abhi phone na karo bhai gher pe hai.
6. Hum shadi k baad ap k ami abu k sath he rahengey
7. mere pass aik he sim hai
8. Battery low thi is liye bund tha fon
9. 20 rupey share kar do kal wapis ker dungi
10. Qasam se tumharey ilawa mera koi male frnd nahi hay
Send to all innocent boys.

Mar 06 2012

Pata Tha Ke Tum Pregnant Ho

Ladka: Kya tum meri sah dance karo gi?

Ladki: Main bache ke sath dance nahi karti

Ladka: Sorry Mujhe nahi pata tha ke tum pregnant ho

Aug 25 2011

Mujhe Tum Se Mohabat Hai

Boyz : Agr mai kahon mujhe tum se Mohabat hai or meri yahi chahat hai tum kya kaho gi ?

Girlz : Yahi baat agr tum ek Calling card send kr k kehty to acha hota.

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Jul 25 2011

Toote Hue Dil Se Pyar Karoge

Boy: Toote hue dil se pyar karoge ya dil tootne tak pyar kro gi?

Girl: KAMINE!:-

Tooti hui chappal se pite ga Ya chappal K tootne tak pite ga..

Apr 01 2011

Chandni Chaand Se Hoti Hai

Ladki Boli: Chandni chaand se hoti hai
sitaron se nahi Mohabbat ek se hoti hai hazaaron se nahi.
Ladka Bola : Chandni agar chaand se hogi to sitaron ka kya hoga
Mohabbat agar ek se hogi to hazaron ka kya hoga

Apr 01 2011

Boys Ki Zindagi K Do Asool Hain

Boys ki zindagi k 2 asool hain…
Wo kisi ajnabi larki ko lift nahi

Wo kisi larki ko ajnabi nhi

Jul 09 2011

Boys Are Very Kind

Boys are very Kind &
Girlz are very Selfish!
Most Girlz Don’t Like to Help Unknown Boy
All Boyz Are Ready anytime 2 Help Unknown Girlz.

Sep 19 2011

LARKI Wo Chaand Nahi Honi Chaiye

LARKI wo Chaand Nahi honi chaiye Jisy Har Koi
Be-Naqaab Dekhy
LARKI wo Sooraj Honi chaye Jisy Dekhte hee AankhEn Jhuk Jayn
4wd 2 sweet girls!.

Sep 23 2011

Didicate To All Boys

‘Jìs se sar ka dupata sambhala nahi jata
Kia khak sambhaly gi teri ghår ki aabro.
Didicate to all boys who like fasion able girls.

Oct 22 2011


If u give me 100 young boys I can change the nation
if u give me 100 young girls I can create another nation
Feel the Difference.

Mar 28 2012

Girl Because I Am Not Talking

Boy : Why did you send me a blank text.?


Girl : Because I am not talking to you.. :P

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Apr 05 2012

Write Your Phone Number And Show

Boy: There is no ink in this pen
Girl: Are u blind? There is ink in this pen
Boy: Then write your phone number and Show :D

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Oct 22 2011

A Girl C0nvincing Her Boyfriend

A Girl c0nvincing her boyfriend To trust her sincerity….
“Trust me Rehan Oh… I mean Fahad”

Mar 11 2012

Boy To Girl Pen Hai

Boy: Pen Hai?

Girl: nai Hai.

Boy: Pen Hai Pen?

Girl: kaha Na Nahi Hai.
(Thori Dare Bad)

Boy: pen Hai Pen?Pen?

Girl: kitni Bar Kahun Nahi Hai.
Ab Dubara Pucha To Hathoray Say Sar Phar Dungi.

Boy: Hathora Hai?

Girl: nahi..

Boy: Acha Phir Pen Hai Pen?

Feb 14 2012

Physics Student Proposing A Chemistry Girl

A physics student proposing a chemistry Girl:

I love u more than an electron wants to attract a proton.


Oye carbon monoxide! apna conical flask jesa munh le k foran yahan se reduce ho ja warna tujhe esa oxidise karun gi k tu reaction k qabil bhi nai rahey ga. Kambakht Graphite ki aulad. :

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Apr 01 2011

Only Boys Wish With True Heart

Boy to girl before exam: Hey all the best
Girl: All the best to you too
But girl scored 80 marks & boy failed


Moral: Only boys wish with true heart.

Jul 29 2011

Yunhi Soti Rahi To Kuch B Na Dekh Pao Gi

Yunhi soti rahi to kuch b na dekh pao gi larkio

Uth jao k muhaly k larkay office ja rahe hyn.. :-D

Good Morning!

Have a nice Day.

Jun 09 2011

Ladki Ka Dil Sab Se Ziyada Kab Dukhta Hai

Ek Ladki Ka Dil Sab Se Ziyada Kab Dukhta Hai











Jab wo kisi masi ko apney jesa lawn ka print pehney huey dekhti hai;-).:


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Jul 23 2011

Wo Kon C Cheez Hai K Jo Larki Sirf Pehanti Hay

Aisi kon C cheez hay k jo larki sirf pehanti hay

Aur larka khata b hay or pehanta b hay…
















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Oct 20 2011

So Be Proud Girl

hipPiest haVaianaS.

we’R deyr preCiouS bLingbLingS.

deyR hardeSt game as dotA.

we’R deyr faVorite! muCh Lyk deyR psp & iPod.

we cAn take deM 2 heaVen m0r dan deYr wheeLs can d0.

so be proUd girL

coZ it’s a pr0of dat…

girLs r G0D’S most xPensiVe gift 2men eveR! =)

Jul 29 2011

Ramadan Sms

Its the biggest wish of evry girl to hav a succesful and a peaceful married life..

if u want to make ur wish come true

plz read surah yusuf aftr isha on 1st

2nd & 3rd day of Ramdhan..

plz fwd all the girls either marriedunmarried girls.

Apr 02 2011

Boys Do In The Examination Hall

Four things boys do in the Examination Hall
1. Counting the Girls
2. Counting the fans & tube lights
3. Reading the brand name of their pen
4. Thinking of studying for at least next Exams

Four things Girls do in the Exam Hall
4.And just Write
Aata ho ya na aata ho…. :-P

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Jul 21 2011

Boys Always Want To Be A

Boys always want to be a girl’s first love.


Girls like to be a Boy’s Last Romance

Sep 19 2011

Boyz Or Girlz

Boyz are very Kind &
Girlz are very Selfish!
Most Girlz Don’t Like to Help Unknown Boy
All Boyz Are Ready anytime 2 Help Unknown Girlz.

Sep 19 2011

A Boy Was Following A Girl

A Boy Was Following A Girl
Girl:Don’t FolLOW MeBecoz My Mother Iz Coming Behind U
Boy:Don’t U WorryMy Father Iz FolLOWING Her”

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Feb 24 2012

Fir Behen Ban Kar Apni Kisi

New way to Propose a Girl

Boy: Main apse friendship karna chata hoon

Girl: Meri sagai ho chuki hai

Boy: Fir behen ban kar apni kisi friend se baar karwa do….

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