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We have compile latest messages of xvideo real taran rape for your friends and families. Select xvideo real taran rape messages and send xvideo real taran rape greetings in wishes to show how much your friends are important for you.

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May 30 2011

Real Fact Sms

Real Fact

Nobody in this world can have a crystal clear heart..


Evryones heart has some scratches scribbled by their dear ones..

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Feb 15 2012

Sardar Ne Sikh Ladki Ka Rape Kar Dya

Sardar ne Sikh Ladki ka rape kar dya

Ladki rape ke baad: Main Rola pawan gi

Sardar: Rola te main pawan ga………Uton sikh te thalon Shave…..

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May 29 2011

Real Muhabbat Sms

Real Muhabbat Sms

Rab sy m0habt or insan sy m0habt ma kya farq hy?

Insan sy mOhabt Apki sab sy bari kamz0ri ban jati hy


Rab sy m0habt Apki sab sy bari taqat ban jati hy

Jul 21 2011

Being A Real Girlfriend

Guys i know hearing advise from other guys kinda bites at our egos but here it goes.

If you truly love your Boy you have to believe and know that he is the most important person in the world to you. he is what makes your world go round. You have to let him know that.

he isnt the most important thing he is your most important person in the world. Your boyfriend is not a object to be won to have to use she is a person in your life who is to be loved and treated as so.

If you treat him like he is the most important thing in the world then you dont need any dating tips.

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Apr 03 2011

Ghar Main Ghus Kar Mera Rape Kar Diya

Bivi: kal 3 choron nay ghar main ghus kar mera rape kardiya
shohar: tumney roka nahi?
Bivi: bht roka par unhone kaha k ab subha hogai hai hamien jana hoga..!

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Jun 14 2011

Real Love Stories

Real story

Kya pyar krna itna bara gunah hy?

1 Larka or Larki

ek dusre se boht pyar krte they…

Larki k baap ko pta chal gya.

wo guhsse pe qabu na rakh ska or Lrki ko uthwa k le aya or Larki se kha

Tujhe mein aaj wo saza dunga k ishq krney walon k Liye nishane ibrat hoga.

Usne Larki ko zamen pr Lita k bjli se chlne wali aari uski gardan k pas kr k abi chlai hi ti k









LIGHT chali gai


Larki ne naara lgaya

G.O Zardari!

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Jun 09 2011

Real Confidence


Dont Show Of Yourself With Artificial Things


Real Confidence Is In Your Simplicity Which Shows Your Character.

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May 31 2011

True Friends Sms

True Friends Sms

FAKE FRIENDS Never ask 4 food

REAL FRIENDS wil com 2 ur home and ask (ghar kia paka ha?

FAKE FRIENDS Borrow ur stuff for a few days nd giv it back


Keep ur shirt so long they forget its urs


Wud knock on ur front door


would cal u and say ….. bahr mar


r 4 a while


r 4 life time


Wil ignore this


Wil 4wrd it

Dedicated to all my beLoVeD Jigars..

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Jul 16 2011

Jab Maa Peshani Choom Ke Kehti Hai Jeete Raho Beta

( Love ) Kya Hy ?

Jab MAA Peshani Choom K Kehti HyJeety Raho Beta

Jab BAAP Kehta Hy Beta Ghar Jaldi Aa Jana

Jab Behen Mera Kaam Karne K Bad Kehti Hy K Meri Shadi K Bad Kon Karega Tmhare Kaam

Jab Barra Bhai Kahy K Tujhe Pasand Hy Chal Rakh Le Mein or Kharid Longa

Jab Chota Bhai Kahy Ye Dekho Bhai Acha Hy Na 1 Tmhara 1 Mera

Jab Dost Kahy

Tension Na Le Mein Hon Na

Ye hy Pyaar Real Love

Khobsurt Rishty.

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Jul 30 2013

’ Quotes">Inspirational Friendship Day 201 Quotes

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Friendship is the best thing that comes to life. Friends will always be there for you. Don’t worry about the fakes. Worry about the people who had your back from the start and never treated you wrong. Always remember they are your real friends. Don’t ever take them for granted because one day you’re going to lose a good friend by the way your actions are. When you see a good friend stick to that person.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don’t say.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

The most memorable people in life will be the friends who loved you even when you weren’t very lovable.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Strangers think I’m quiet. My friends think I’m outgoing. My best friends think I’m completely insane.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

In life you never lose friends you just find out who your real ones are.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Friends are like boobs. Some are big. Some are small. Some are real. Some are fake.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Friendship isn’t about being inseparable it’s about being separated and knowing nothing will change.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Become my friend for me and my personality not for how popular I am or how much money I have.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

A true friend is someone who never gets bored of listening to your pointless dramas over…and over again.

~Inspirational friendship quotes~

Friendship is like peeing your pants. Everyone can see it but only you can feel it.

Apr 08 2011

I Would Never Be Missed

I’m Sorry I’m Not Like You Wanted Me To Be
I Wasn’t How You Wished
I’m Sorry I Couldn’t See
I WOuld Never Be Missed
I’m Sorry I Missed The Reason
Why You Never Liked Me
I Couldn’t See The Treason
That Fell Over Me
I Never Do Anything Right
Is What You Always Said
I Fell Apart That Night
After I WAs In My Bed
I Couldn’t Change The Way
I Would Always Cry
I Couldn’t See The Day
When Anyone Would Wonder Why
I Never Had A Prayer
Wishes Don’t Come True
My Life’s So Unfair
Since I Believed You
I’mSorry Your Not Pleased
I Didn’t Want To Be Like That
I’m Sorry I Was Teased
All I’veEverDone
All I’ve Ever Said
I Didn’t Want To Run
I Didn’t Want To Be Dead
I’m Sorry I Weak
I Tried To Be Great
This New Life I’ll Seek
So I Won’t Break
I Did What You Asked
And Let No One See
The Real Girl Is Masked
The Real Girl Is Me
Now I’ve Decided
I’ll Leave This Home
Thank What You’ve Provided
And Leave You Alone
I’ll Write You A Letter
Say I’llGo Away
I HopeYou Will Get Better
And Will See The TrueJoy Of Day
I’m Never Coming Back
And I Won’t Make You Mad

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Dec 12 2012

Happy Merry Christmas Jokes

  • Real Spirit of Christmas
    Christmas is not a Time nor a Season
    But a State of Mind.
    To Cherish Peace and Goodwill
    To be Plenteous in Mercy
    Is to have the Real Spirit of Christmas .
  • May all the sweet magic
    May all the sweet magic
    Of Christmas conspire
    To gladden your hearts
    And fill every desire.
  • Season’s Greetings!
    Joy resounds -in the hearts of those
    who believe in the -miracle of Christmas!
    Wishing you all the peace -joy -and love
    of the season! Season’s Greetings!

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Oct 19 2011

Diwali Quotes And Sayings SMS In English/Hindi 2011


  • Diwali Quotes And Sayings
    when life givs u a hundred rezon to cry show life
    A thousand reasons to smile
    Always smile it makes people think your up to something
    (Happy Diwali)
  • Diwali Quotes And Sayings
    A smile is a powerful weapon u can even break ice with it
    (Happy Diwali)
  • Diwali Quotes And Sayings
    A bst frnd is sum1 who makes u laugh
    When you think you’ll never smile again
    (Happy Diwali)
  • Diwali Quotes And Sayings
    Let this diwali burn all ur bad times and enter u in good times
    (Happy Diwali)
  • Diwali Quotes And Sayings
    The truth is dat existence wants ur life 2becum a festival
    bcoz when you are unhappy
    you also throw unhappiness all around.
    (Happy Diwali)
  • Diwali Quotes And Sayings
    Ram! The lite of litsthe self-luminous inner lite
    of the Self is ever shining stidily in the chamber of ur heart.
    Sit quietly…Cloze ur eyes…Withdraw the senses…
    Fix the mind on this supreme lite & enjoy the real Deepavali
    By attaining illumination of the soul.
    (Happy Diwali)
  • Diwali Quotes And Sayings
    He who Himself sees all bt whoom no one beholds who illumines the intellect
    the sun the moon & the stars & the whole universe bt whoom they can not illumine
    He indeed is Brahman He is the inner Self.
    Celebrate the real Deepavali by living in Brahman
    And enjoy the eternal bliss of the soul.
    (Happy Diwali)
  • Diwali Quotes And Sayings
    The sun does not shine there naar do the moon & the stars naar do lightning shine!
    All the lits of the world cannot be compared even to a ray of the inner lite of the Self.
    Merge urself in this lite of lits and enjoy the supreme Deepavali.
    (Happy Diwali)
Jun 23 2011

Filmi Style Love Letter

When i am your : KareebThere is only : KhamoshiI want to speak : Dil sethat’s my kind of : Ishqi want this to be : Guptas i always have : Darrthat i will loose you : Sajaniand that would be great : Sadmai am your : Mr.aashiquebut sometimes bit : Deewanatell me : Hum aapke hain kaunas i feel : Kuch kuch hota haiin this : Duniya dilwalon kii told you : Maine pyar kiyaMaybe : Dil to pagal haibecause : Jab pyar kisise hota haithe whole world appears as : Dushmanbut anyway : Pyar to hona hi thabut u must know: Pyaar koi khail nahibut if uwant to become : Dulhan dilwale kithen u must respond To this : PukaarAnd don’t mind because this is my: Stylei hope your answer is : Yes bossAnd if u say no then i know life is: Kabhi khushi kabhi ghami don’t know what will b my: Anjaam

(Mehbooba Ka Reply)

Thank you for your love letter. However I feel “Hud Ker De Aapne” for “Hum Aapke Hai Kaun“? “Dil Chahta Hai” I should tell you I think you are a “Jaanwar” I have to tell you I know your “Mohabatein” are false. Who gave you the right to think you are my “Sajaan” and I am your ” Chandini“. How dare you look at me you “Coolie No1“! If you were here in front of me Id hit you with my chapple so hard your head will spin with these “Yaadein“. You said “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” every time you think of me. But I know you feel “Haseena Maan Jayegee” to every girl you see. “Ram Jaane” what I will do to you if I catch you. If you have any “Khauf” you will feel “Durr” from me. You are a “Kunwara” leading a “Rangeela” lifestyle with friends saying “Chal Merey Bhai“. Spending all your nights on the “Sarak“. I am sure the “Sholay” in your heart you say burn for me. Is nothing but indigestion from too much eating and drinking! Describing yourself as “Baadshah and “Himmutvar you sound like a “Jungli” to me. You say you want to make me your “Biwi No1” however I say you lack “Insaniyaat“! I can not believe you think I will turn to you and say “Kaho Na Pyar Hai“! Id much rather kiss a “Bichoo” than go near you! Any of “Amer Akbar Anthony” would be better suited to me than you. “Dil Wale Dulanyah Ley Jayengey” you said but I say your “Dil to Pagal Hai“! Dont  you realise that “Andaz Apnna Appna” and that their cant be no “Rishta” between us. We are like a “Mohra” in the game of life. And it is always “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham“. The open “Fiza” with its changing weather is testament to that. So please leave it as “Akeelay Hum Akkeelay Tum“. Besides I am already engaged to a guy with “Roti Kapra Aur Makaan“. And he is no “Khal Nayak” like you. He is my real “Hero“. My real “Jivan Saathi“. And with him I really know “Yeah Raaste Hai Payar Ka“. And there can be no space in my “Zindagi” for anyone but him. You will only end up causing an “Aflatoon because he is a “Major Sahib” in the Army working on the “Border” and he will kill you if he finds out.
So save yourself from becoming the foundations of a “Deewar” and leave me alone.

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Jul 30 2011

Missing Someone When You Are Alone

Missing someone when you are alone isnt affection.


Thinking of someone even when you are busy is called real relation..!

May 31 2011

True Friendship Sms

Real Friendship Sms

Apka Sacha Dost Hmesha Ap sE bohat Zaida LarrtaHai
Agr ap 1 Ansu b Girao To Wo Apke Ansu Roknay k liye Pori Dunia sE Larrta h..

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Apr 01 2011

Hmary Mulk Me TajMahal Hai

Indian:Hmary Mulk Me TajMahal h Lekn Uske Andr Parinda b par Nhi Mar Skta

Misar:Hmary Mulk me Itna Husn h lekn kisi Lrki ko koi Touch b Nhi Kr Skta

American:Hmary Mulk Me esi Police h k koi hily to police Pohnch jati he!

Pakistani:Hm itne smart han k MISAR Se lrki uthai TAJMAHAL ka mein rape keia or AMERICAKo Pata nhe Chla.

Feb 08 2012

Pati Patni Hindi SMS Jokes Collection

Pati aur Patni main baat cheet band thi
Ek din pati ko subah jaldi kahi jana tha
Usne paper per ye likh kar patni ki pillow ke neeche rakh dya
Ke mujhe subah 7 baje utha dena

Agle din pati ki aankh khuli to 8 baj rahe the
Pati ugsse se utha to dekha ke uske pillow ke pass ek paper para tha
Jis per likha tha
“7 baj gaye hain Uth jao”



Patni: Aaj 4 daku aye aur mera rape kar ke chale gaye
Pati: Tum ne unko roka kyon nahi
Patni: Main ne bohat raoka lakin wo kehne lage
Ab hamain jane do ham thak gaye hain



Patni sotay main zor se boli
Jaldi utho mera pati aa gaya hai
Pati utha window se chalang laga di
Taang toot gayi
Phir khayal aya
Ke Pati to main he hoon



Patni gusse se: Mera jeena haram ho gaya hai Main ye gharl chor ke ja rahi hoon
Pati: Jaan chodo bhagwan ke lye
Patni: Ek to apki ye baat mujhe kahi jane nahi deti
Pati: Kya
Patni: Ye he ke “Jaan chodo bhagwan ke lye”



Doctor to Patni: Aap ke Pati ko Rest ki jaroorat hai
Ye neend ki goliyan hain
Patni: Ye inhain kab deni hain?
Doctor: Ye inhain nahi aap ne khud leni hain

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Apr 08 2011

A Legitimate Question

A Legitimate Question !
Does Raymond Davis Have The Right
To Rape Fouzia Wahab On Account Of
Diplomatic Immunity ? ? ?

Is Sms Ko Itna Fwd Karain Ke Fouzia Wahab Tak Pahonch Jai. . .
Let Us Hear A YES From Her
In The Next Press Conference… =P

Oct 20 2011

Pray To Allah

Pray to Allah Almighty
And show some faith n dignity
Quran be at your side
Islam giving you a pride
Sunnah be a light for you
That will glow and let you do
All the acts to make you feel
Nothing but this land is real.

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Oct 20 2011

Pray To Allah Almighty

Pray to Allah Almighty
And show some faith n dignity
Quran be at your side
Islam giving you a pride
Sunnah be a light for you
That will glow and let you do
All the acts to make you feel
Nothing but this land is real.

Oct 20 2011

At Least I Know

And I’m proud to be a Indian
where at least I know I’m free.
And I won’t forget the men who died
who gave that right to me.


First of all……A very Happy Independence Day. Its the 60th year of Indian Independence Celebration day. I just wanted to scribble here some of the defining moments mainly that happens on Independence Day. These defining moments are not those that are getting campaigned by CNN-IBC news Channel.

When we were in schools we use to get things ready for celebration before 2-3 days of Independence Day .Having white ribbons ready for both the wrists getting washed the white canvas shoes asking mom to wash our white clothes to make it white. Names of those students are listed before itself who are going to give speech on the intended occasion. This will always be a real fun… students will be in full josh giving their names for speech but what to do after that? Ask our elders to prepare some speech content either on Subhash Chandra Bose Mahatma Gandhi or any famous freedom fighters. Then start gutting it all the time whole the day. Querying the teacher whether we can carry the chit and read it there? or we have to deliver the speech instantly? The preparation phase of the speech makes any other activities at home completely joyless.

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Feb 12 2012

Love Story In Poetry

A real love story in poetry…
Ek ladki wo gali se guzra karti thi
uske chehre par naqab hua karta tha
par phir bhi us par ek ladka marta tha
shayad wo usse dil-o-jaan se chahta tha
… jub bhi usse milta to yehi kehta
apne chehre se naqab to hatao
zara chand sa pyara chehra to dikhao
par ladki ne chehre se naqab nahi hataya
ladke ko apna chehra nahi dikhaya
bahut din ho gaye uss ladki ko wo ladka nazar nahi aaya.:(
ladki kuch bechain si rehne lagi
phir kisi tarah woh pochte pochte uske ghar pahonchi.
padosiyon ne kaha aap ko aane main thodi der hogyi.
uss diwane ki to 7 roz pehle hi mout ho gayi..
Padosiyon ne apna farz nibhaya
ladki ko ladke ki qabar tak pahounchaya..
ladki qabar par zor zor se rone lagi
apne aansuon se qabar ko dhone lagi.
itne main qabar main se aawaz aayi….

Moral:its betrr to exprss ur feelings bfore it gets too late.

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Feb 12 2012

’t Like Valentines Day">I Dont Like Valentines Day

I dont like valentines day: P I have my issues :P but reading some of the stories on its origins are hilarious! There is no real historical origin for it. It was started in the 1700s as a way to sell greeting cards… hahaha. The things that people would believe like really!

Oct 16 2011

Diwali Quotes In English Hindi And Marathi

Diwali Quotes In English

O Ram! The light of lights the self-luminous inner light of the Self is ever shining steadily in the chamber of your heart. Sit quietly. Close your eyes. Withdraw the senses. Fix the mind on this supreme light and enjoy the real Deepavali by attaining illumination of the soul.

Diwali Quotes In Hindi

Baray hon ya chottay aap
Amma hon ya kisi k baap

Diwali par ho fun non stop
Kisi ko na rokain aap!

Happy Diwali!

Diwali Quotes In Urdu

Phool ki shuruvat kali se hoti hai
Zindagi ki shuruvat pyar se hoti hai
Pyar ki shuruvat apno se hoti hai aur
apno ki shuruvat aapse hoti hai.
* Happy Diwali *

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Oct 22 2011

I Am Strawberry

Kissing you baby is my dream.
I am strawberry & you are the cream.
Handle me gently keep me real keen.
U & i together babes is passion so extreme!

Mar 03 2012

One Line Holi Wishes And Greeting

Best collection of one line happy holi wishes and short holi greeting sms text messages.

Hi I wish you and your family a very happy Holi.


Hi I wish you were here this Holi Happy Holi


Happy Holi dear Enjoy the colors of real life.


I wish this Holi you were with me. Wish you all success in life.


Let the colors of Holi spread the message of peace and happiness. Happy Holi


Dipped in hues of love and trust has come the festival of Holi. Happy Holi

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Jul 30 2013

Touching Friendship Quotes

I live for the nights that I can’t remember with the people that I won’t forget.

~Touching friendship quotes~

Lifes too short to argue about the tiniest of things so build a bridge and get over it 2 discover the best of memories from your friends! :

~Touching friendship quotes~

A friend tries to stay but an object fades away.

~Touching friendship quotes~

Many people walk in and out of our lives but only true friends leave footprints in our hearts. :)

~Touching friendship quotes~

Friends are like umbrellas no matter what the weather rain or shine they will always be by your side.

~Touching friendship quotes~

You will know who is your true friend when your having drama with other people and he or she is standing right next to you…not leaving you behind when things get ugly!

~Touching friendship quotes~

A good friend will visit you in hospital and say” get well soon” and goes. But a true friend sits near you and says “the nurse is hot you take your time to get well

~Touching friendship quotes~

Friends are the ones that laugh with you not at you.

~Touching friendship quotes~

A real friend is always there for you but a fake friend is there when they want something from you.

~Touching friendship quotes~

A true friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you’re fooling everyone else.

Feb 28 2012

Funny Cricket Jokes On Misbah Ul Haq

Misbah Ul Haq Cricket Joke SMS in Urdu on Pakistani Cricketer Misbah Ul Haq


Maan ki Respect!

Aik bacha gali main cricket khail raha tha us ne shot lagai jis se parosi ke ghar ka sheesha toot gaya Bache ki Maan ne bahar aa kar pyar se bache se kaha
Beta aram se khela karo
Uske baad bache na poori zindagi shot nahi lagai Aaj us bache ko dunya
Misbah ul Haq ke naam se janti hai



Ek larki thi diwani si
IMRAN FARHAT pe wo marti thi

Chori chori chupke chupke
ABDUL RAZZAQ ko sms karti thi
Nazrain ghuma k sharma k
UMAR AKMAL se batain krti thi

Kabhi kabhi zulfain bikhra k
Awais Zia se hansa karti thi

Kuch kehna tha shayd us ko
Umar Gull se per younis khan se janay Q darti thi

Per aik din mili wo MISBAH ko akele mai aur

kaha k ?

Free hit pe b koi tuk tuk krta hai

–Feel kar misbab bisti ho rahi hai….chor de hamari jaan–



Mishab ul Haq jaan deyo
Hun saadi waari aan deyo

From Real T20 Players




SEHWAG: Do Before U Die
DRAVID: Don’t Die Until U Do &
MISBAH: Do Tuk…. Tuk….Tuk… Tuk…. Until The Bowlers Die

Feb 03 2012

Gande Sms In Hindi

Ek ladki Ne aapse lift maangi
Rasteme… Uski tabiyat kharab ho gai
Aap use hospital Le gaye
Dr. bola :- Aap baap banne wale ho
Lo ji ho gai Naee tension suru
Aap bole me iska baap nahi hu
Fir ladki boli yahi iska baap he
Tension or badh gai
Fir aapka medical checkup huva
Report aayi aap to kabhi baap hi nahi ban sakte
Lo ji jayda badh gai tension
Aapne thank god kaha or nikal liye
Fir socha ghar pe Jo 2 bache he vo kiske he
Now this is real tension ….

Moral: Kisi bhi ladki ko Kabhi lift nahi deni chahiye…!

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Aug 29 2011

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Oct 22 2011

Kissing You Baby

Kissing you baby is my dream.Im the strawberry & ur the cream.Handle me gently keep me real keen.U & i together babes is passion so extreme!

Oct 20 2011

Rest Of The World

Get a glass belly button so when your head is real far up your butt you can look out and see what the rest of the world is up to.

Jun 06 2011

’s Books">Maurice Bernard Sendaks Books

Short Review Of Maurice Bernard Sendak And His Books

Maurice Bernard Sendak (born June 10 1928) is an American writer and illustrator of childrens literature. He is best known for his book Where the Wild Things Are published in 196.

Putting the I Back Into Being: Maurice Sendaks Exploration of
Childhood Fears and Terror:

Abstract: Recognized as arguably one of the most engaging and internationally
the best selling Maurice maurice sendaks picture book trilogy of Where the Wild Thing
Are In the Night Kitchen and Outside Over There is also recognized as being
the most darkest in childrens literature. Unintentionally intertextual maurice sendak
readily acknowledged that maurice sendaks work in general and this trilogy in particular was
colored with memories of village life in Poland never actually experienced but
passed on to me as a persuasive reality by my immigrant parents. While
acknowledged but not explored by researchers these maurice sendaks texts also represent a visual
representation of the psychological phenomenology of how children understand
the concepts of fear horror and terror. The latter point was a personal realization
years after these texts had been published when it was pointed out to maurice sendak how
similar his texts were to elements of maurice sendaks own childhood. While using all three
texts in the previously mentioned trilogy this paper focuses on the last in the
series Outside Over There reputedly the darkest most esoteric and the most
symbolic. Using a transtextual approach in tandem with the Red Thread reader
response framework this paper unpacks possible meanings of Maurice Sendaks pictorial
subtext and how they form a transcultural underpinning of how children
understand relate to and deal with fear horror and terror.Maurice Sendaks Such A Great author.And maurice sendaks books And stories are like real incident of life.

May 11 2011

Buddha Purnima Quotes

Buddha Purnima Quotes

Between birth and death there is nothing else to happen but love.
If you miss love between birth and death
you have missed the whole opportunity of life.
You may gather knowledge and money and prestige and power
but if have missed love then you have missed the real door.
Happy Buddha Purnima!

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Apr 02 2011

Clock Makes A Sound

Clock makes a sound tic tic but listen carefully it is not tic tic its real sound is quick quick saying time is very precious use it in the best way. Good Morning

Aug 28 2011

‚ Happy Eid Poems">Eid Mubarak Poems Happy Eid Poems

Eid Mubarak Poems Happy Eid Poems

I love you more than words could ever say

I feel it growing in my heart each and every day

All this love I feel

Has never felt so real

You give me something no one has ever given me

It’s something you cannot see

Love so strong and so true

It makes me think of only you

This wonderful feeling you have given me

Makes me want to be with you endlessly.


Eid is fun and great
Its time to celebrate

Eid Mubarak to everyone come on
Lets have lots of fun!

Everyones going to the mosque to pray
People are grateful its a special day.

Mmmm… the taste of the delicious food
Really puts you in a good mood.

Everybodys wearing their posh clothes
And the guys are cruising in their
Flashy cars on the roads.

Children opening their gifts with smiles
On their faces and having fun going
Out to different places.

All of a sudden the day comes to an end
Well what can I say…
Thank you for a lovely day!
by Shaz and Taz High Wycombe.

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Apr 10 2011

Happy Mahavir Jayanti

Hopefully Preaching of Lord Mahavir ie. right faith (samyak-darshana) right knowledge (samyak-jnana) and right conduct (samyak-charitra) together give us the real path to attain the liberation of one’s self.
Happy Mahavir Jayanti

Apr 16 2011

Latest Mahavir Jayanti Sms Messages And Wishes 2011

Latest Mahavir Jayanti Sms Messages And Wishes 2011

Mahavir Jaynti sms Wishes
May Lord Mahavir
Bless you abundantly
And fill your life with
The virtue of truth
Non violence &
External compassion
Happy Mahavir Jayanti

Mahavir Jaynti sms Wishes
Arihant ki boli
siddhon ka saar
Acharyon ka path
sadhuo ka sath
Ahinsa ka prachar

Mahavir Jaynti sms Wishes

Right faith (samyak-darshana)
Right knowledge (samyak-Dnyana)
Right conduct (samyak-charitra)
all gives us the real path to attain the liberation of one’s self.
Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2011.

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Apr 15 2011

Mahavir Jayanti Sms Messages

Mahavir Jayanti sms Messages

Hopefully Preaching of Lord Mahavir
ie. right faith (samyak-darshana)
right knowledge (samyak-jnana) and
right conduct (samyak-charitra)
together give us the real path to attain the liberation of one’s self.
Happy Mahavir Jayanti.

Apr 08 2011

Never Apologize For How You Feel

“Never apologize for how you feel
Thats like saying sorry for being real!”

Apr 01 2011

Dreams Never Hurt Anybody

Dreams never hurt anybody if he keeps working right behind the dreams to make as much of them become real as he can.
- Frank W. Woolworth

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Jun 01 2011

Fathers Day Quotes

Fathers Day Quotes

It is easier for a father to have children
Than for children to have a real father.
I’m glad to have u dad

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Jul 10 2011

Every Relation Is Beautiful

EVERY relation is beautiful

but real Love is most beautiful!

Every light is good bt sunlight is best

Evry friend is sweet


meri bat hi kuch or h yar;-

Jul 31 2011

Raksha Bandhan Poems

Raksha Bandhan Poems 2011

Someone who will understand
Who knows the way I feel
In every situation
Her concern is very real
Someone who has walked my ways
Who knows my every need
Times when she would see me cry
Her heart would nearly bleed
Everyone should have a sister
Just the way I do
Richly blessed is what I am
To have a sister like you

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Jul 04 2011

Making A Million Friends Is Not An Art

Making a million friends is not an art.

But d real art is to make a friend who is from wapda and can provide electricity in loadshedding..

William Mombati

Aug 30 2011

Christmas Is Not A Time Nor A Season

Christmas is not a Time nor a Season

But a State of Mind.

To Cherish Peace and Goodwill

To be Plenteous in Mercy

Is to have the Real Spirit of Christmas .

Jun 14 2011

Shabbir Sms

There was a Girl & a Boy They Loved each Other

Girl alwayz Used to Say:

My heart is alwayz with U m living without a heart..

After sum dayz

Girl said that she cant marry him bcz hr family disagreed..

The Boy said:

I need U & Ur familys Happiness n agreed 2 b frnds:)

Aftr few monthz

Girl got married n she ws looking through her gifts of her marriage ceremony

She come across a Gift n starts Crying..! :(

the Gift was the Boys Heart (Real) packd in a Jar..!




Larky ne Suicide kiya ya Murder huwa….?

Kyun k agar Sucide kiya to Heart pack kisne kiya?

ye such bht jald he samny a jaye ga

q k

Koi dekhe ya na dekhe Shabbir to dekhe ga.

Sep 08 2011

Onam Sms Picture

sarkara varatti

? ? ? ? ? ?


l”l )

cheru pazham

) ) ) ) )



iam d first person giving d real onam treat.

happy onam in advance

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Apr 05 2011

Kissing You Baby Is My Dream

Kissing you baby is my dream. I am strawberry & you are the cream. Handle me gently keep me real keen.U & i together babes is passion so extreme!

May 30 2011

Chira Chiri Ki Love Story

2 chiryo ki love story:

1 din chira bola:

Mjhe chor kr kbhi tm urh to nhi jaogi? Chirya:

Urh jaun tu pakar lena


Mai tmhy pakr skta hn magr phr pa nhi skta chirya ke aankho mai aansu agaye usny apny pankh tor dye or boli: ab hm hmesha sath rahngy 1 din boht zor sy tofan aya chira urhny laga tbhi chirya boli:

Tm urh jao mai nhi urh sakti.

Chira apna khyal rahna kh kr urh gaya jb tofan thama or chira waps aya to usny dekha k chirya mar chuki ti.. Or ek daali per likha tha

Kash wo 1 bar tu kehta k

Mai tujhy nhi chor sakta to shayd mai tofan any sy pehly nhi marti…

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Jun 25 2011

Amazing Facts


1: INDIA me 95% log Milk nhi peetey

2:U.K me ab tak jurhwan bachey peda nhi huvey

3:Nepal me Tigers insano0n k 7 sotey hain

4:Sanp ko agr hawa me phenka jaye to wo 10 mint tak urr sakta hy

5:ZEBRA ka Dil nhi hota

6:MONKEY chinese zuban samjh sakta hy

7: Hathi ki dum k 1 baal se 1 waqt me 3 mobile ki bettry charg kar sakty hain

8:Ye sub points ghalat hain

Hamari light nhi hy is liye time pas kar rahy they

Ghor se parhney ka Shukrya.

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Oct 22 2011

Now Medical Science Proved

Now Medical Science Proved That In A LIP Kiss 0.7Gm protein
0.45gm fat 0.19gm chemical
50 variety of bacteria will die.
This Is True. So Catch Ur Lover & Start Kissing & BE Healthy
DR:imran hashmi (PHD KISSIOLOGY).

May 31 2011

Some True Facts

Some True Facts

Very True : -

1000 Ka Note Bohat Bara Lagta Hai Jab Masjid Mai Dia Jai


Restaurants Mai Bauhat Chota lagta Hai

Namaz Parhnay Mai Waqt Bohat Ziada Mahsoos Hota Hai


3 Ghantay Ki Film Bauhat Choti Lagtee Hai

Music Concerts K Liye Awaam Pagal Ho Jatee Hai

QURAN k liay Waqt