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An Indian Girl Married


An Indian girl married a French man.
And went to Paris. She didnt know French.
If sha went to buy leg piece of chicken.
She did life her skirt and show her leg.
This went on for some days.
Once she went too buy banana.
She took her husband along with her.


You know why ?.

He knew french !.
God bless your mind.


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A Girl In A Book Shop

A girl in a book shop.

Do you have book entitled.
Wonen The Perfect Intelligence ?.

Sales man :
The comedy section is on the left side.

Each Indian Women

Each indian women iz
ranii laxmee bai
Be 4 marriage ranii
After few yrs of marriage laxmee
n after kids born she iz just bai

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Women Are Different From Men

Women are different frm men:
Dey look gud in skirts or shorts!
Ders Womens Day but no mens Day.
Dey can be sure dat d baby is theirs. Men cant.
Women can cry n still look good.
When men cry they look like dorks.
Most of all
women know d difference between a comfort room & a wall ..

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Ek Aurat Ki Ankh Sooji Hui Thi

Ek aurat ki ankh sooji hui thi
Saheli ne poocha to bataya shohar ne mara hai.
Saheli: Par wo to shahar se bahar gae huwey they!
Aurat: Main b yehi samjhee thi.

An Old Indian

An old Indian was standing on the corner. A good-looking woman passed by on the way to work. The Indian raised his hand in greeting and said “Chance!”
The same thing happened several days in a row. The woman would walk past the Indian would raise his hand and say “Chance!”
Finally one day she couldn’t ignore it any longer. So she stopped and asked “You’re an Indian aren’t you?”
He nodded.
She said “I always thought Indians said ‘How!’ as a greeting.”
Indian said “Already know ‘how’. Just want ‘chance’.”

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Imagine World Without Women

Imagine World Without Women Roads Sunsan Markets Viraan
Na Janu Na Jan Na Koi Girl Friend K Liye Pareshan Bus
Namaz & Quran & Saare Larke Direct Jannati.

Why Do Most Women Spend Much Time

Q: Why do most women spend much time on improving their LOOKS and not their MINDS?

Ans: Because they know that men are STUPID but not BLIND…! ;-)

Lady To Wakil

Lady to wakil:
Mujhe mere pati se talaq chaheye.
Magar woh to kabaddi champion hai.
Yehi to problem hai.
Kamina sirf hath laga kai bhag jata hai..

A Successful MAN

A Successful MAN Is One Who Makes More Money
Than HIS Wife Can Spend A Successful Woman Is
One Who Can Find Such A Man

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Each Indian Women

Each indian women iz
ranii laxmee bai
Be 4 marriage ranii
After few yrs of marriage laxmee
n after kids born she iz just bai

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